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CIS 110 final exam

Clarion University, J.Strausser
Which of the following is NOT a data type in Java?
Which of the following would correctly declare a variable named symbol to hold the dollar sign?
Char symbol = "$"
In what method do all programs begin, even though we didn't really see it in Greenfoot, but which allowed the environment to run?
The template used to create an object is called a
The process of creating an object using the new keyword is called?
Which of the following would create and instantiate an object called monster of datatype MyCreature?
MyCreature monster = new MyCreature();
Which statement checks the x position of wombat1 object to determine if it is about to go off the left hand side of the screen?
The parallelogram in flowcharting represents ______ symbol.
The decision symbol in flowcharting is represented by what geometric shape?
In Greenfoot, to instantiate an object one ______.
Right clicks on the object and selects new ObjectName
The Characteristics of an object are called ________.
Which of the following is NOT a rule for declaring variables?
must contain at least one special character
Which of the following takes the value stored in x and adds 10 to it and assigns the value back to x?
According to the text, a narrow definition of the term "computer industry" would be those companies that ________.
manufacture computers and computer components
The Life cycle of a new computer product is shown in the accompanying figure, in which box A represents _______.
Product Development
A set of software tests conducted by a team of off-site testers is called ______.
beta testing
Which of the following are marketing channels for computer hardware and software?
computer retail stores, mail-order/ internet outlets, value added resellers
A _________ combines commercially avaliable products with specialty hardware or software.
An ________ investigates the requirements of a business or organizaion, its employees, and its cutomers in order to plan and implement new or improved customer service.
systems analyst
_______ degrees focus on applying computers to business problems.
Information Systems
John is considering getting a college degree in the IT field. He is confused about some which degree he needs. Connie said she would help him by offering some guidance. John is also interested in the application of computers to business processes. If he wants to focus on computer equipment and software used by businesses and organizations, Connie should advise him to major in _____________.
Information technology
1001 binary is which of the following in decimal?
1001= 1+2+4+8 (for each 0, cancel out the corresponding numbers. So you would cancel out the 2 and 4) add the remaining numbers. 1+8=9. Answer:9
______ is the process of converting text, numbers, sound, photos, and the video into data that can be processed by digital devices.
The first digital computers were built during world War II for ________.
code breaking
______ computing provides access to information, applications, communications, and storage over the internet.
In a computer, most processing takes place in _________.
the CPU
An area of a computer that temporarily holds data waiting to be processed is ______.
A compute- intensive problem runs on a ______.
Data transmission speeds are typically expressed as ____.
1,048576 bytes is a
A ________ converts all the statements in the program in a single batch; the resulting collection of instructions is placed in a new file.
The ______ fetches each instruction.
control unit
A great example of convergence in modern technology is __________.
cell phones
________ intercepts information sent over computer networks.
Jim wants to know what machine language instructions look like to the machine. You tell him they appear as ______.
a series of os and 1S
Elizabeth has to comduct a series of internet searches to collect info for a number of research papers she is writing. Aftermuch trail and error, she is finding that there are efficient and precise ways to do these searches. For the next search, she wants only web pages containing the words Mars exploration. "Which search operator should she use to formulate her query?"
quotation marks
The _____ wildcard character allows a search engine to find pages with any derivation of a basic word.
A ________ is a collection of related information organized and formatted so it can be accessed using software called a browser.
what websites typically store in cookies?
Items she has placed in her shopping cart
The __________ protocol allows the transfer of files from one computer to another over any TCP/IP network.
The accompanying figure represents the connection of your computer to the internet; the router marked A should belong to a(n)
A __________IP address is one which can be accessed by packets on the internet.
The elapsed time for data to make a round trip from point A to point B and back is called _______.
________is a protocol that works in conjunction with TCP/IP to get Web resources to your desktop.
A Web _____, is automated to methodically visit Web sites,can be programmed to perform various activities as it visits those sites.
PayPal s a pioneering example of a(n) _______ payment system.
P2P (person to person)
The Internet began with a project called ________.
_______ software is a type of security software designed to identify and neutralize Web bugs, ad serving cookies, and other types of malware.
An e-mail scam designed to persuade you into revealing confidential information by replying to an a-mail is called ____.
Until the domain names are added to the DNS database, new sites can only be accessed by entering their numeric _____.
IP address
A(n) ________certificate is an electronic attachment to a file that verifies the identity of its source.
Which of the following Web- Based application is NOT sometimes characterized as Web 2.0?
cloud computing