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Quiz at the end of Chapter 5 with questions and answers.

Which is an example of a smartphone operating system?


Which OS does NOT have a user interface that incorporates point-and-click technology?


Which is the correct order of the boot process?

1. Activate BIOS
2. Conduct POST
3. Load OS into RAM
4. Check settings

Which of the following is not a file management tool?


Which best describes Plug and Play?

A feature that facilitates the installation of peripheral devices with the inclusion of drivers in the OS.

The term that defines excessive swapping of files between RAM and virtual memory is:


Which term describes the pictures that represent an object such as a software application or a folder?


Which statement about using API's is NOT true?

API's make it possible to close non-responding software and restart the computer.

Which utility eliminates the inefficiencies of the computer hard drive?

System restore

Which of the following would be considered an accessibility utility?


All smartphones use the same operating system software.


The Android operating system is based on Microsoft Windows.


The amount of system RAM helps to determine which OS a computer uses.


Paging is the process of optimizing RAM storage by borrowing hard drive space.


Machines with built-in computers use real-time operating systems.


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