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The highest point of achievement
Receiving an Oscar for best actress was the acme of the star's long distinguished career.


Very skillful
Marcy was so adept at crossword puzzles that she usually finished them in just a few minutes.

noun adeptness
I was amazed at the adeptness of the magician;s hands, and could not figure out how he preformed the trick.


Natural ability; talent
His strong legs, ability to jump, and competitive nature resulted in an aptitude for the sport of hurdling.

Quickness in understanding; intelligence
Her natural aptitude for math allowed her to master complex calculations quickly.


Having shrewd judgment; observant, clever, and cunning
The astute employee knew that being well liked might help him get promoted.

astuteness noun Showing her astuteness, the candidate focused her speeches on the specific concerns of each audience she addressed.


verb To achieve a goal or handle a situation with subtle skill
I don't know how he managed to finesse his way into that fancy party; he was't invited.
noun refinement, delicacy, skill
Football player Walter Payton's bananas in nibble, graceful running back burned him the nickname "sweetness."
Noun Subtle, skillful handling of a potentially difficult situation
Showing great finesse, the coach managed to offer suggestions without hurting the players confidence.


Marked by requiring great care; demanding extended or extreme effort, or diligence
Separating delicate fossils from the surrounding soil is painstaking work.


Showing unusually early development or maturity
The precocious student graduated from medical school at the age of 21.
Precociousness we were awed by the precociousness of the 10 year old professional pianist.


A person, often young, with exceptional talents or powers.





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