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AP WH Ch. 15

the Maritime Revolution to 1500
Who settled the island of Madagascar?
Why was sailing in the Indian Ocean less difficult and dangerous than other places?
Landmasses of Southeast Asia and eastern Africa enclose the indian ocean on each side and the Indian subcontinent provided coasts that seafarers can safely follow & coves for protection.
How did the rise of Medieval Islam give trade in the Indian Ocean an important boost?
The great Muslim cities of the Middle East provided a demand for valuable commodities. Muslim traders tied the region together. They shared a common language, ethic, and law
How did the Ming Empire attempt to create new Indian Ocean contacts?
reflected the imperial China's resources and importance
Describe Chinese-African contacts circa 1415-1433?
There were at least three trading cities on the Swahili coast of East Africa they sent delegations to China
Why did the Ming court suspend the voyages of Zheng He?
Some high Chinese officials opposed increased contact with ppls whom they regarded as barbarians with no real contribution to China
Who were the greatest mariners of the Atlantic in the early Middle Ages?
The Vikings
In addition to sailing up the Pacific coast, where did early Amerindians from South America also colonize?
The West Indies
What two nations began a maritime revolution that profoundly altered the course of world history?
The Iberian kingdoms of Portugal and Spain
What were the primary motives that led to Iberian overseas expansion?
Iberian rulers had strong economic, religious, and political motives to expand their contacts and increase their dominance.