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Great pyramid of Giza quiz

Originally, the pyramid had a________casing, which gave the pyramid its gleaming surface.


The accuracy of the construction is surprising, considering the__________tools the Egyptians used.


A_______ was built on each side of the pyramid, making it possible to pull the stones to the top.


There were several ________built at Giza.


In ancient Egypt the king was called______


Over two and one third ________stones were used to build the Great Pyramid.


The Great Pyramid of Giza was built as a tomb for___________


The pyramid is located close to__________, Egypt's modern capitol.


People in the United States use the term ____for sledge.


It may taken over _____years to build the Great Pyramid .


Most of the construction on the pyramid took place only_____months of the year.


It is likely that most men worked on the pyramid when the______________ was flooding.

Nile River

Workers used bars to tip the huge stone to the side in order to slip a ________underneath it.


The interior of the pyramid was the ______________________.

astronomical observatory

Originally, the pyramid was 30 feet________than it is today.


Each stone in the pyramid weighed over two and one half ______each.


The original height of the pyramid was about as high as a ___________skyscraper


Each stone was tied to a sledge and set on top of ____________, making it easy to roll the stones to the building site.

round logs

The difference between the longest and shortest sides is within_____percent.

.1 point one

For nine months of the year, artisans and masons performed the more _________jobs


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