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processes that breakdown rocks in the enviorment near Earths surface

mechanical weathering

processes breaks rock into smaller pieces, does not change chemical makeup

chemical weathering

rock breaks down because chemical reactions with the enviorment


large piles of broken rock fragments caused by temperature changes


peeling of layers


mechanism of rocks breaking or wearing down by direct actions of other rocks


of or having to do with limestone topography


change in minerals caused by chemical reactions with water

acid precipitation

when gases are released hat react with water on clouds to form stronger acids


the process by whick earth materials move from place to place


cutting of trees from an area without replacing then


chunk of ice breaks off leavong a steep cliff of ice


unsorted pile of rock fragments collected by a glacier


irregularly shaped ice crysals, some air space between them make up snow


conversion of solid ice directley to water vapor without passing through the melting phase


groves caused by glaciers scrach softer rock uderneath as it flows


all types of glacial sediment


unsorted deposits of glacial sediment


evidence of the former presence of glaciers


acceleration of glacial flow rate

confined glaciers

glaciers that are associated with mountains and restricted in their forms by the local topography

unconfined glaciers

cover much of an entire mountain range or even a continent

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