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Pink River Dolphin

smarter than humans
Pink River Dolphins
Smarter than humans
Live in the Amazon River and the Orinoco River Systems which include several countries in South America
The Pink River Dolphin does not migrate
The Pink River Dolphin eats crustaceans, catfish, and small fresh water fish and during the night they hunt for zooplankton
The gestation period can take nine to twelve months when mothers give birth to the baby dolphin
The Ancestors of the Pink River Dolphin are all of the whales, but the ancestors of the whales were land mammals
Endangered Why?
They are endangered because of the increase of population in the Basins, causing a raise in the population and accidental killing
Interesting Fact
Millions of years ago the Pink River Dolphin's ancestors were land mammals the whales then the Pink River Dolphin
Course of Action
The people who live in the Amazon could clean up the water so the Pink River Dolphin can have a better habitat
How many are left
There are 304 pink river dolphins left in the world

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