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  1. satan
  2. Jerusalem
  3. Incarnation
  4. Rahab, tamar, ruth, mary
  5. Matthew and Mark
  1. a what name means "accuser" or "adversary" in Hebrew
  2. b who are the 5 women in the genealogy in Matthew
  3. c what is the name of the doctrine that God became a human being and "assumed flesh" in Jesus of Nazareth
  4. d Which city did Jesus weep over
  5. e which Gospels narrate the transfiguration

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  1. Which of the gospels contains an account of Jesus' birth featuring the visit of magi, wise men from the east
  2. According to the 2 source hypothesis, what are the two major sources Matthew and Luke used to write their gospels
  3. john 1:14
  4. which gospel contains the high priestly prayer?
  5. In the 1st century, Israel was a province of which ancient Empire?

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  1. biographiesIn the synoptic gospels, in which region did Jesus' ministry begin and in which region does it end?


  2. Womenwho were the first people to see the risen Christ?


  3. bow down and worship himin the temptation narratives, Satan offers Jesus all the kingdoms of the world if he (Jesus) will just do what?


  4. lifeAccording to Mark 8, following Jesus means sacrificing one's _____


  5. Anonymous Righteousnessin the sermon on the mount, what is the common feature of Jesus' teaching regarding prayer, almsgiving and fasting