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  1. Both
  2. satan
  3. Rahab, tamar, ruth, mary
  4. Incarnation
  5. Luke 6
  1. a what name means "accuser" or "adversary" in Hebrew
  2. b what is the name of the doctrine that God became a human being and "assumed flesh" in Jesus of Nazareth
  3. c which passage contains the list of blessings and woes that opens the "sermon on the plain"
  4. d who are the 5 women in the genealogy in Matthew
  5. e Are the four gospels historical documents or theological documents?

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  1. which Gospels narrate the transfiguration
  2. Hellenization refers to the spread of which ancient culture?
  3. Which city did Jesus weep over
  4. which gospels narrate the last supper?
  5. Before whom did Jesus stand trial?

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  1. lifeIn the 1st century, Israel was a province of which ancient Empire?


  2. Holy spiritwhich gospels narrate the last supper?


  3. water to wine 2
    heals officials son 4
    heals invalid 5
    feeds 5000 6
    walks on water 6
    heals man born blind 9
    raises Lazarus 11
    name the 7 I AM statements and their locations


  4. Peter, James, JohnWhich Jewish sect was the most influential among the common people of Israel in the 1st century?


  5. Matthewwhich gospel is most strongly directed towards jewish readers and focuses on Jesus as the fulfillment of the Old Testament?


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