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  1. Matthew and Mark
  2. Holy spirit
  3. Greek
  4. and the word became flesh and dwelt among us and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only son from the father, full of grace and truth
  5. water to wine 2
    heals officials son 4
    heals invalid 5
    feeds 5000 6
    walks on water 6
    heals man born blind 9
    raises Lazarus 11
  1. a john 1:14
  2. b which Gospels narrate the transfiguration
  3. c the word paraclete means helper is and is primarily used to refer to whom?
  4. d Hellenization refers to the spread of which ancient culture?
  5. e know the 7 signs of John

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  1. in the temptation narratives, Satan offers Jesus all the kingdoms of the world if he (Jesus) will just do what?
  2. which gospels narrate the last supper?
  3. Which gospels narrate the triumphal entry
  4. Before whom did Jesus stand trial?
  5. which gospel contains the high priestly prayer?

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  1. GalileeWhich gospels narrate the triumphal entry


  2. Anonymous RighteousnessAt its most basic level what is unique about the Jewish faith?


  3. Matthew and Lukewhich Gospels narrate the transfiguration


  4. Apocalypticwhat do we call material that is that is intended to provide grounds for believing the claims of Christianity


  5. Matthewwhat name means "accuser" or "adversary" in Hebrew