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  1. Caiaphus, Herod, Pilate
  2. Sadducees
  3. monotheism
  4. bow down and worship him
  5. mark
  1. a in the temptation narratives, Satan offers Jesus all the kingdoms of the world if he (Jesus) will just do what?
  2. b which of the synoptic Gospels does not contain a genealogy
  3. c which Jewish sect did not believe in resurrection, angels or spirits?
  4. d At its most basic level what is unique about the Jewish faith?
  5. e Before whom did Jesus stand trial?

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  1. Which city did Jesus weep over
  2. who made up Jesus' inner circle?
  3. know the 7 signs of John
  4. Which of the gospels contains an account of Jesus' birth featuring the visit of magi, wise men from the east
  5. what do we call material that is that is intended to provide grounds for believing the claims of Christianity

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  1. Womenwho were the first people to see the risen Christ?


  2. Rahab, tamar, ruth, marywho are the 5 women in the genealogy in Matthew


  3. JohnIn the 1st century, Israel was a province of which ancient Empire?


  4. Romewho were the first people to see the risen Christ?


  5. MatthewThe authorship of which synoptic gospel is traditionally ascribed to an apostle?