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Bible Test- Moses

How is the Israelites' loss of identity expressed in exod 1:1-7?
When they come down to Egypt they are given names and there is a census order then it says they are swarming everywhere
what are the two key themes in Exodus?
Names and homes
what does the word name really point to?
what does the word homes really point to?
what name do the israelites get in exodus?
"my people"
What name does God get?
what home are the israelites supposed to get?
What home does God get?
Explain the phrase: ''a new king arose in Egypt who did not know Joseph."
Rise of a New dynasty
What is ironic about Pharaoh's statement, "let's deal shrewdly"?
Every thing he does is stupid
What are teh ways Pharaoh looks foolish in Exod 1?
1. make Hebrews work 2. kill boys 3. Hebrew midwives 4. believed lame story of midwives
Were the israelites domestice or state slaves?
What is the difference between domestic and state slaves
domestic- owned by one person state- still human and owned by government
What are two ways in which the attempt to have the midweves kill the hebrew boys is foolish?
1. hebrew 2. midwives that love children
what does the expression "fear God" refer to in the Bible?
How you treat vunerable people
when pharaoh tries to act like a god, what happens to him?
he ends up acting less than human
how does pharaoh try to limit the population of the israelites?
1. slavery 2. kill boys
what is the primary task imposed upon the israelites by pharaoh?
what are tow examples of creation language in the story of Moses' birth?
1. she said he was good 2. ark
what does moses' birth story have in common with the birth stories of hercules, Oedipus, Romulus and Remus, Cyrus, and Sargon?
heros abandoned at birth
what do william wallace, neo, maximus, the 1969 mets, the 2004 red sox, and moses all have in common?
rags to riches
list two examples of foreshadowing/irony in the birth and naming of moses
1. name is supposed to mean drawn out but really means one who will draw out 2. Pharaoh's decree to kill the hebrew boys ended up getting his worst enemy moses in his house
why does moses have to flee egypt
killed egyptian- pharaoh wants to kill him
where does moses flee when he leaves egypt?
What is odd about Moses' watering the flocks for Jethro's daughters?
men didn't water flocks
whith who does moses stay in midian?
whom does moses marry in midian?
what does moses name his son? what does the name mean?
Gersom- stranger there
How do we know Moses is compassionate?
Moved by brother's hard labors, watered flock, went for the underdog
how do we know moses is powerful?
-Hero birth -royal household -fought off group of shepards -strikes egyptian and kills him
how do we know moses lacks authority?
looks this way and that, hids body, what made you a judge over us?
How do we know moses is lost
he says he was a stranger there
what is unusual about the burning bush?
it is not burned up
why is the ground where moses is standing holy?
God is there
what is the right (initial) response to God's call?
what objections does moses raise to God's call?
-who am I? -what is you name? -what if people dont believe me? -not a good speaker -send someone else
what is Gods response to Moses who am I?
I'll be with you
what signs does God give Moses to perform before the people?
staff to serpant, water to blood, hand to leprosy
what is ominous about the signs, especially to moses?
people rebeling against God
how does God respond to Moses' I'm not a good speaker objection?
barks at him and send aarron
what potential punishments are meted out to moses when he says, send someone else?
-aarronn punishment -text out of order-God attaking and trying to kill him
when moses first appears before Pharaoh to demand the release of the people, how does pharaoh respond?
No and double workload
what animal other than a snake, might Moses' rod have become?
even if it is not a crocodile, what event does the use of the word tannin echo?
what numerical structure organizes the plagues?
what makes the plagues miraculous?
immediacy and intensity
what possibilities did you beoved teaher suggest for the nature of the blood plague?
1. real blood 2. silt 3. alge bloom
what might the pestilence and boils plagues be?
why is the locust plague particularly devastating for the Egyptians?
because Egyptians were farmers
what did your beloved teacher suggest the darness plague might be?
Dust storm
what is the tenth and final plague?
killing of the first born