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Government Final

Chapter 10: Campaigning for Office
must be a resident of the state from which elected
A candidate for the U.S. Senate
85 percent
According to a recent Gallup Poll, almost _____ of Americans said they would vote for a qualified woman for president.
self-starters and those who are recruited.
People who choose to run for office can be divided into two groups:
candidate and not on the party
Part of the reason for the increased intensity of campaigns in the last decade is that they are now centered on the
importance of paid professionals rather than volunteers
A striking feature of today's political campaigns is the
press secretary
The _____ is responsible for dealing directly with the press.
finance chairperson
The _____ plans the fundraising strategy and finds the legal and accounting expertise needed for the organization.
war room
Perhaps the most successful communication was that of Bill Clinton in his 1992 victory. The campaign organized a "_____" to instantly respond to any attack by his opponents.
limiting the amount of money spent by candidates for state offices.
The state of Vermont prompted political controversy and legal challenges in 1997 when it enacted legislation
was no longer available to the national political parties after 2002.
Soft money
are unregulated funds spent by interest groups on advertising or other campaign activities.
Independent expenditures
a superdelegate.
A party leader or elected official who is given the right to vote at the national convention is called
closed primary
When only declared party members can vote in a primary election, it is called a(n)
four regional primaries be held over a four-month period from April through June.
In 2005 a commission headed by former President Jimmy Carter and former secretary of state James A. Baker recommended that
increased significantly.
In the last twenty years the number of women running for office at the federal and state level has
15 percent
In a 2007 poll, approximately _____ of American respondents would not say they were completely comfortable voting for an African-American president.
primarily used for last-minute registration and voter turnout activities.
In today's campaigns, volunteers and amateurs are
will work only for candidates of one political party.
Most political consultants
that fewer people identify with them.
One of the reasons that campaigns no longer depend on political parties is
communications director
The _____ plans appearances, the themes to be communicated by the candidate at specific points in the campaign, and the response to the attacks.
focus group.
A small group of individuals that is gathered to identify in-depth feelings about candidates and issues is called a
there may be little need to campaign except to remind voters of the officeholder's good deeds
If a candidate is a highly visible incumbent seeking reelection,
regulate campaign financing
The general intent of the several federal corrupt practices acts passed by Congress was to
Most PAC contributions go to
raise money from at least fifty volunteer donors.
For a federal Political Action committee (PAC) to be legitimate, it must
a U.S. district court judge struck down more than a dozen regulations issued by the Federal Election Commissions interpreting the Campaign Finance Reform Act.
After the constitutionality of the Campaign Finance Reform Act of 2002 was challenged
States that have been tagged as _____ states will see intense campaigning up to the very day of the election.
In 2000, the United States Supreme Court struck down the blanket primary in
run-off primary.
When the top two candidates in a primary compete in a second primary for the majority of votes, it is called a(n)