Marketing Research Exam 3


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If the goal of the research was to provide a demographic and lifestyle profile of a heavy user of a product, then the preferred type of research would be:
Qualitative Research
Which of the following is not an advantage of qualitative research over quantitative research?
Which of the following is not a characteristic of qualitative research?
All of these are characteristics: hard to quantify, not adequately or accurately verbalized through direct communication, indirect techniques
Which of the following academic backgrounds would a qualitative researcher most likely have?
A background in any of the following: psychology, sociology, anthropology, communication, semiotics, economics
Psychology, sociology, social psychology, consumer behavior, marketing, marketing research (page 132, Textbook edition 8)
Which of the following is incorrect concerning qualitative research?
Which of the following is not a limitation of qualitative research?
Greater Opportunity for Interviewer Bias
**Limited Probing of Respondents**
Results Not Representative beyond those persons interviewd
Problems securing highly skilled researchers for qualitative research
None of the above are limitations of qualitative research
The most common type of qualitative marketing research is:
Focus Groups and then Individual Depth Interviews
What is the top motivation for respondents to participate in focus groups
topic is interesting
focus groups are fun
to express opinions
A limitation of focus groups is:
Is hard to compare cross nationally. Focus groups are not always appropriate in certain countries?
Immediacy and apparent understand ability of focus group findings can cause managers to be misled instead of informed?
Focus group facilities probably have which of the following
One-way Mirror, microphones, recording or videotaping equipment, and even homelike furniture for living-room setting focus groups.
Tape recorders, projection devices, video recorders, pictures, discussion guides
Which of the following is not characteristic of a focus group discussion guide?
A discussion guide is a written outline of the topics to be covered during the session. Leads focus group discussion through three stages:

Stage 1: Raport is established,the rules of group interactions are explained objectives are given
Stage 2:Moderator attempts to provoke intensive discussion
Stage 3: Summarizing significant conclusions and testing the limits of belief and commitment.
Jean Smith, the owner of a local shoe store, Runner's World, wanted to decide whether it would be profitable to expand the store's assortment of athletic shoes while a number of local retail chains were offering low-cost and lower-quality versions of similar shoes as well as related fashion apparel. Jean conducted an online survey in a local BBS and used the survey results for her decision making. In this case Jean was involved in:
Online Marketing Research?
Which of the following statements about online focus group is NOT true?
All of these are true:
No geographic barriers/Lower cost (round-trip tickets, ...)
Faster turnaround time
Increased openness (no face-to-face peer pressure)
Less peer distraction
Access to hard-to-reach target population
More concise expression than spoken communication
Less group dynamic (no interaction, read from the screen...)
Less client involvement (no direct interface with consumers)
Less reliability
All of the following EXCEPT _____ are advantages of online focus group
All of these are advantages: no geographic barriers/lower cost (round trip tickets),faster turnaround time, increased openness (no face to face peer pressure), less peer distraction, access to hard to reach target population, more concise expression than spoken communication
As a research method, online survey has some disadvantages. Which of the following is NOT one of them?
All of these are disadvantages: less reliability, less client involvement (no direct interface with consumers), less group dynamic (no interaction,read from the screen)
Metrics for Web sales sites include:
Include all of these: conversion rate, attrition rate, abandonment rate, retention rate
Metrics for Offline Sales sites include all but
Include all of these: unique visitors (number of UVs in a period), stickiness (avg length of stay at a time), acquisition rate (% of visitors who indicate an interest in the site's products by registering or visiting products' pages)
Click-through rate is defined as:
number of times an ad is clicked divided by the number of times the ad is shown
Environmental differences, including market environmental difference and ______, make International Marketing Research more difficult than Domestic Marketing Research.
research environmental difference
Field service, the small firms that can be hired easily in the US to conduct interviews, may not exist at all in some countries. This is an example of ________ difference in International Marketing Research.
Economic? Research environmental (facilities)
______ is a technique that is often used in overcoming some primary data collection problem in International Marketing Research.
Equivalence?, Back translation, Parallel Translation
Web server log data contains information on all the following EXCEPT:
Web server log maintains history of page requests: client IP address, request date/time, page requested, HTTP code, bytes served, user agent and referrer
It is common to see a high rate of refusal in survey research in developed countries, because individuals in these countries see a larger number of surveys in their daily lives. This can be labeled as a ________ problem with surveys in international context.
willingness to respond and/ or cultural difference ?
In country A, beer is primarily used for thirst quenching, but in country B it serves as a tool for social interaction. Hence in country A, the relevant competing product would be another beverage, whereas in country B the competing product could be a karaoke machine. This can be used as an example to illustrate the concept of ____________ in international marketing research.
cultural/religious ? construct equivalence?
In the U.K., engagement implies commitment to marry, whereas in Italy or Spain, it merely means having a boyfriend or girlfriend. This can be used as an example to illustrate the concept of ____________ in international marketing research.
language barriers
In audience research, _____is defined as the percentage of the total household that is watching TV or listening to the radio:
____ represents the cost to reach 1,000 individuals
Qualitative research is easier to replicate than quantitative research.
Quantitative studies allow for more probing than qualitative studies.
CPP is the cost per rating point.