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a. Eating:
-> culture shapes what people eat, how they eat, when they eat, and the meanings of food and eating
-> culture also defines foods that are acceptable an unacceptable
-> perceptions of taste vary dramatically/four universal taste categories
+ sweet
+ sour
+ bitter
+ salty
-> how to eat is a big deal (utensils, right hand, sharing, not sharing, sanitary/unsanitary)
-> who is responsible for cooking and serving food
+ domestic cooking is women's responsibility; public feasts is men's responsibility
b. Drinking:
-> every culture defines the appropriate substances to drink, when to drink, and with whom, and the meanings of the beverages and drinking conditions
-> social drinking ---- whether the beverage is coffee, beer, or vodka ---- creates and reinforces bonds
c. Sleeping:
-> sleep is at least as much culturally shaped as it is biologically determined
-> cultural influences on sleep include the questions of who sleeps with whom, how much sleep a person should have, and why some people have insomnia or what are called sleep disorders.
-> do infants/babies sleep with just the mother, both the parents, or by themselves in separate rooms?
-> culture shapes the amount of time a person sleeps
-> excessive sleekness is correlated with more accidents on the job, more absenteeism, decreased productivity, deteriorated personal and professional relationships, and increased rates of illness and death
d. Eliminating:
-> in spite of its basic importance to people everywhere, elimination receives little attention (in print) from anthropologists
-> first question is where to eliminate when traveling to a new place/location
-> adds fertilizer to the fields and leaves no paper litter when eliminating outdoors in fields
-> in many cultures, the products of elimination ( urine and feces) are considered polluting and disgusting