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Southwestern Asia (Middle East) Countries & Physical Features (SS7G5)


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Euphrates River
A river in southwestern Asia that flows through the southern part of the Fertile Crescent; parallel to the Tigris River
Jordan River
this river forms the natural boundary between Israel and Jordan and empties into the Dead Sea
Tigris River
River that flows across a low, flat plain in Iraq and joins the Euphrates River
Suez Canal
A ship canal in northeastern Egypt linking the Red Sea with the Mediterranean Sea
Persian Gulf
This body of water separates the Arabian peninsula from the more mountainous land of Persia
Strait of Hormuz
a very narrow waterway in which ships must navigate to and from the Persian Gulf
Arabian Sea
a body of water that lies between Arabia and India; the northwestern part of the Indian Ocean
Red Sea
Body of water between northeast Africa and the Arabian Peninsula that was a key source of trade between Africa and East Asia
Gaza Strip
Saudi Arabia