Subordinate Clauses


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adjective clause
USUALLY introduced by a relative pronoun. Relative pronouns: that which who whom whose
noun clause
A word that introduces a noun clause often has another function within the clause. For example, the introductory word may be used as the subject of the clause. Common Introductory Words for Noun Clauses: who, whoever, which, whom, whomever, whichever, what, whatever, that
adverb clause
An adverb clause is introduced by a subordinating conjunction. Common Subordinating Conjunctions: after, in order that, since, when, while, although, because, so, that, whenever, before, than, where, wherever, whether, unless, as soon as
After Jacob and Lars ate pizza, they helped the new girl who tripped over Joseph's books.
Morgan decided to ride in the car with whoever was the safest driver.
What I want you to study is not always what you choose to study.