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Paula is looking for a new HR person for her company. She is reviewing resumes to determine which candidates to call for an interview. She sees one candidate that attended her same university. Paula puts that resume in the "to call" pile. This is an example of ________.
ingroup favoritism
Which of the following is not an important characteristic of social identity?
Most people assume that a police officer should behave in a lawful manner, not show any favoritism to any particular group, and do their best to uphold the law. What term is used for this kind of belief?
role expectation
Which of the following was the major finding of Zimbardo's simulated prison experiment?
Individuals can rapidly assimilate new roles very different from their inherent personalities.
Sally works as a salesperson in a department store. Whenever a customer asks for an item that is in stock but not on display, she usually tells them that the product is out of stock. "It's a pain going into the stock-room to find an item," says Sally. "Nobody in my department ever tells a customer the truth about what is in stock." This example illustrates which of the following facts about deviant workplace behavior?
Deviant workplace behavior flourishes where it's supported by group norms
Which is not a weakness of group decision making?
There is less originality
Which of the following is not a reason for the recent popularity of teams?
slower deployment and refocusing
________ teams are an effective way to allow people from diverse areas within an organization to exchange information, develop new ideas and solve problems, and coordinate complex projects.
Jillian is project lead for a team that is writing, programming, testing, and performing quality assurance on a new Spanish language software program. Jillian is in Boston where the developing house is located. Her writers are in Spain. Her programmers are in India. Her testers are in Texas. And her quality assurance team is in Argentina. After given clear specifications, each team has authority to make the necessary decisions to complete their task, or send a task back to another part of the team. Which of the following best describes Jillian's team?
cross-functional virtual
Araceli is a team member in a large corporation. She never speaks in the team meetings because she has seen members talk behind each others' backs outside of the meetings. Members are constantly monitoring the other member's work, looking for a mistake to point out in a meeting. According to the information provided, which contextual factor is most likely hindering the success of Araceli's team?
climate of trust
On her work team, Michelle develops detailed tasks lists and work flow charts to help her team members understand the steps involved in each project. She also maintains the project calendar and receives periodic updates from each team member to ensure that projects are progressing on schedule. Which role does Michelle most likely fill on her team?
Which type of conflict is almost always dysfunctional?
relationship conflict
Chantel received an invitation to a web meeting that will take place at 3:00 p.m. She accepted the invitation. This is an example of ________.
formal channels of communication
What step determines whether understanding has been achieved during the communication process?
All of the following are examples of downward communication flows except ________.
employees completing attitude surveys
All of the following are examples of nonverbal communication except ________.
instant messaging
Peter is working on a project. He feels that the parameters need to be changed to meet the client specifications. First he must talk to his immediate supervisor, who then discusses the issue with her department director. Peter is most likely part of which type of small-group network?
Rumors would most likely flourish in situations where there is ________.
Tannen's research indicates that men use talk to ________, while women use it to ________.
emphasize status; create connections
________ cultures rely heavily on nonverbal and subtle situational cues when communicating with others.
In dealing with cross-cultural communication, a manager might practice putting herself in the place of the employee, a method termed ________.
Jake tells his boss only what he believes the boss wants to hear. Jake is engaging in ________.
Leadership is best defined as ________.
the ability to influence a group in goal achievement
The two dimensions of leadership behavior explained in the Ohio State studies are ________.
initiating structure and consideration
The University of Michigan studies define a(n) ________ leader as one who takes a personal interest in the needs of his/her subordinates.
According to LMX theory, a leader implicitly categorizes followers as "in" or "out" ________.
early in the interaction
Which of the following is not a key characteristic of a charismatic leader?
task orientation
Which of the following would best serve as evidence to support the conclusion that an individual is an authentic leader?
The leader inspires a great deal of trust in his or her followers.
Two companies, Roland Media and Go! Corp, are both headed by transformational leaders. However, Roland Media showed much greater profitability over a 5-year time period than did Go! Corp. Which of the following best explains why Roland Media performed better than Go! Corp under transformational leadership?
Roland Media is a small, privately held firm, whereas Go! Corp is a large, complex public company.
Richard is a transactional leader who has just assigned a series of tasks to a project team. Which of the following is most likely to be true about the team's performance under Richard's guidance?
They will meet the goals set for them but are unlikely to go beyond those goals.
Hersey and Blanchard's leadership theory differs from other leadership theories primarily because it ________.
focuses on the followers
Your company's HR director is a believer in trait theories of leadership. He believes that he can differentiate leaders from non-leaders by focusing on personal qualities and characteristics. The HR director plans to promote Lawrence, a highly extroverted manager with a great deal of ambition and energy. Furthermore, the president of the company is preparing to retire, and the HR director is searching for her replacement. He asks for your expertise in helping him to apply trait theory to leadership selection within your company.
The director believes that because of these innate characteristics, Lawrence will be highly effective at helping the company achieve its production goals. You advise the director against this decision because ________.
studies have shown that traits are poor predictors of leadership effectiveness
Power can be defined as ________.
the ability to influence the behavior of others
Which of the following statements is true concerning power?
A person can have power over you only if he or she controls something you desire.
When a bank robber points a gun at a bank employee, his base of power is ________.
When your superior offers you a raise if you will perform additional work beyond the requirements of your job, he/she is exercising ________ power.
Your physician has advised you to take a series of medications. You comply because of her ________ power.
The power tactic of using flattery and creating goodwill before making a request is known as ________.
________ occurs when people within organizations use whatever influence they can to taint the facts to support their goals and interests.
"I've got two tickets to the game tonight that I can't use. Take them. Consider it a thank you for taking the time to talk with me." This is an example of which impression management behavior?
James approaches his supervisor with data and a logical presentation supporting his request for additional personnel. He is using ________.
rational persuasion
Vivian has not been handling one portion of her duties in a satisfactory manner. As a result, her manager threatens to withhold her promotion. Which power tactic is being used?