MTV and Pop Stars

what changed the sound of pop music?
new synthesizer, drum loop technology
what happened when CDs were introduced?
-Originally a windfall for the music business as music fans re-purchased their vinyl collections
-introduced digital audio to consumers
when did americans begin to buy VCRs and video games in large numbers?
early 80s
when did MTV launch?
august 1, 1981
first video on MTV
"video killed the radio star" by the buggles
who did MTV target?
young audience
when did MTV begin to play more black artists?
when Michael Jackson came about
by the end of the 1980s, temporarily replaced radio as most important trendsetter in rock and pop music
"Billie Jean" by
Michael Jackson
what album was "billy jean"?
best selling album of all time
who produced thriller
quincy jones
-breakthrough video production
-use of drum machines, synthesizers
arguably the most successful and influential entertainer of all time
michael jackson
michael jackson
-changed music labels as major labels try to replicate his success
-worldwide influence
first truly international pop star
michael jackson
"like a virgin" by
trendsetter for 80s dance music (outgrowth of 70s disco and R&B)
Madonna's first #1 song and album
"like a virgin"
exploited new video medium
Madonna, Michael jackson
Madonna's image
-brilliantly controlled her image
-good girl vs good girl dichotomy
pastiche style throughout career
Parental music resource center
PMRC goal
believed that the music industry should submit to a rating system for content of recordings
PMRC group
group of senators' wives led by Tipper Gore
who led PMRC
Tipper Gore
who testified at 1985 senate hearings for PMRC?
-Frank Zappa
-Dee Snider (of twisted sister)
John denver
what did artists against PMRC argue?
argued that musicians' 1st amendments free speech rights were being violated
"Darling Nikki" by
what album was "Darling Nikki" on?
Purple Rain
-played guitar,keyboard, drums, sang, danced, etc.
-sexually suggestive songs and performances
who was an mtv staple in 1980s?
who was subject of much controversy and targeted by PMRC?
"the boss"
Bruce springsteen
who signed bruce springsteen?
john hammond (Columbia A&R)
what was different about Bruce Springsteen
rooted in 60s idealism and music
"born to run" by
bruce springsteen
lyrics in "born to run"
deal with working class hopes and frustrations
who was Bruce springsteen's band?
E street band
"born to run" sound
signature horn section sound (R&B influence)
when did Bruce Springsteen reach pop stardom?
when he released Born in the USA album
structure of "born to run"
ABBA structure
80s benefits
-1885 "we are the world" benefit for USA for Africa
-Band Aid and Live Aid--organized by Bob Geldof (of Boomtown rats) for famine relief in Africa
-Paul Simon's graceland album raised awareness about horrors of south african apartheid
"we got the beat" by
the go-gos
next generation of girl groups
the go gos
the go gos
one of the first successful all female bands that weren't controlled by male managers and producers
style of the go gos
fused new wave and pop (part of late 70s California punk scene)
lead singer of go gos
Belinda Carlisle
where were the go gos first successful?
"rhythm is gonna get you" by
Gloria estefan & the mama sound machine
Gloria estefan
-born in Havana, grew up in miami
-fused latin and pop
who was gloria estefan's band
the miami sound machine
the miami sound machine
-started as a wedding band
-built latino following first
Emilio estefan
keyboardist, creative leader and husband of gloria estefan
"girl you know it's true" by
Milli Vanilli
dance-pop duo
Milli Vanilli
combination of hip hop and euro dance styles
dance pop
members of milli vanilli
"rob and fab"
controversy of milli vanilli
-"rob and fab" lip synched to tracks recorded by studio musicians
-became first artists ever stripped of a grammy
-became scapegoats for a technique that was fairly common