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For the final


Maintaining a stable environment


The sum of chemical processes that occur within a living oragnisms to maintain life


living part of the ecosystem


nonliving part of the ecosystem


an individual plant, animal, or single celled life form


the inhabitants of a particular area


a group of organisms living in a particular area


a system that includes the biotic and abiotic factors functioning together.

food chain

The directional flow of energy in an ecosystem from one organism to another.

food web

Many food chains linked together

trophic level

step in dynamics of energy flow in an ecosystem.


recycles nutrients by feeding on dead organisms.

independent variable

part of the experiment that the researcher controls

dependent variable

part of the experiment being measured


part of the experiment that stays the same

primary consumer

consumes the producer

secondary consumer

consumers the primary consumer

tertiary consumer

consumers the secondary consumer


part of the experiment that changes

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