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Circular form

Plasmid DNA is always in which type of form?


If a DNA molecule of 50 base pairs contains 15 cytosine bases (C), how many thymine bases will it have?


If the sequence of an RNA molecule is 5'-GGCAUCGACG-3', what is the sequence of the template strand of DNA?


The following diagram represents two nonhomolgous chromosome:
What type of chromosome mutation would produce the following chromosome?

Complete medium

Mutant bacteria strains called auxotrophs can only grow in which type of medium?


Bacterial cells containing an F plasmid tht has acquired bacterial chromosomal genes are called what?


The gani of a single chromosome is called?


The Lederburg-Zinder experiment using Salmonella after placing two auxtrophic strains on opposite sides of a Davis U-tube, Lederburg and Zinder recovered prototrophs from one side of the tube. They actually discovered a process of bacterial recombination mediated by bacteriophages and now called this.

Reverse transcriptase

Retroviruses use an enzyme produce complementary DNA (cDNA) from RNA.


Considering the structure of double-stranded DNA, what kinds of bonds hold one strand that is complmentary to the other?

Homologous recombination

The Holliday model refers to....and involves single strand breaks.


The normally cultivated cotton plant is a tetraploid (52 chromosomes). How many chromosomes did the probable ancestral haploid have?


When an organism gains or loses one or more chromosomes but not a complete haploid set, the condition is know as this.

Clear zone

The clearing made by bacteriophages in a "lawn" of bacteria on an agar plate is called a....

The introns have been spliced out during mRNA processing

It has been recently determined that the gene for Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) is over 2000kb (kilobases) in length, however, the mRNA produced by this gene is only about 14 kb long. What is the likely cause of this discrepancy?


Chromatin of eukaryotes is organized into repeating interactions with protein octamers called nucleosomes. All of the following histones make up nucleosomes except this one.

Fixed point of initiation, bidirectional, semiconservative

Which cluster of terms accurately reflects the nature of DNA replication in prokaryotes?


This is an RNA-containing enzyme that adds telomeric DNA sequences onto the ends of linear chromosomes.

Promoter recognition

Sigma factors are responsible for one of the following processes during prokaryotic transcription.

5'-capping, 3'-poly(A) tail addition, and splicing

Most accurately describes posstranscriptional modifications often seen in the maturation of mRNA in eukaryotes.

Heterochromatin and euchromatin

Eukaryotic chromosomes contain two general domains that relate to the degree of condensations. These two regions are called?

An intron

This is a section of RNA that is removed during RNA processsing


Which term specifically refers to the gain of extra chromosome sets form individuals of the same species?


In an analysis of the nucleotide compostion of double-stranded DNA to see which bases are equivalent in concentration, which of the following would be true?


Avery et al (1944) determined that DNA is genetic material in T2 bacteriophage. (T/F)


In the Meselson and Stahl (1958) experiment, bean plants (Vicia faba) were radioactively labeled so that autoradiographs could be made of chromosomes. (T/F)


There are two hydrogen bonds between AT pairs. (T/F)


Why is primase required for DNA replication?


Assume that one counted 23 plaques on a bacterial plate where 0.1ml of a 10^-7 dilution of phage was added to bacterial culture. What is the intial concentration of the undiluted phage?


What type of isotope did Hersey and Chase use in their famous experiments and why?

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