Test Chapter 16,17,18

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Electromagnetic Waves and Transverse Waves?Light waves are what two kind of waves?Rocks and other materials inside Earth.Seismic waves travel through what kind of medium?Longitudinal WavesSound waves are what kind of waves?4 HzIf a wave has a period of 0.25 seconds, what is the frequency of the wave?3 MetersA train of waves is moving at a speed of 30 m/s. The frequency of the wave is 10 Hz. What is the wavelength?IncreaseA person standing still and listening to a siren sounding an alarm. The frequency of the sound is 500Hz. The person begins running toward the sound at a rate of 20m/s. The frequency of the sound the person hears will... (Stay the same, Increase, decrease, change by 20Hz.)Radio WavesWhat type of electromagnetic wave has the greatest wavelength?20 MetersA wave with a frequency of 0.5 Hz and a speed of 10m/s has a wavelength of...Sea WaterSound travels fastest in what type of medium?ResonanceAn effect in which the vibration of one object causes another object to vibrate at natural frequencies.Infrared LightWhich type of electromagnetic waves has slightly longer wavelengths than red light?Radio WavesWhich type of waves has wavelength longer than microwaves? (Infrared, Visible Light, Radio Waves, or gamma rays)Gamma RaysWhich type of electromagnetic waves has the highest frequency? (ultraviolet light, gamma rays, infrared, or microwaves)Gamma RaysWhich type of electromagnetic radiation is used to kill cancer cells?Because we see what color is reflected back by the object and not absorbed so in this case, every color but orange is being absorbed and orange is reflecting back into our eyes.Why does orange look like orange?DispersionThe effect in which white light separates into different colors is called...MediumThe speed of a wave depends on the ________________.In hertzHow is frequency measured?Newton's Third LawAction-Reaction PairsNewton's First LawLaw of InertiaNewton's Second LawForce Equals mass times accelerationWv = f x λ Wv= 3.6 m/sThe average wavelength in 24m. The frequency is 0.15Hz. What is the wave speed?λ = wv / f λ= 0.73 metersThe speed of sound in air is about 350 m/s. What is the wavelength when the frequency is 475 Hz?W = F x D W= 300 joulesA person pushes a box with a force of 75N across a distance of 4 Meters. What is the work?P = W / T P= 24 WattsA set of pulleys is lifted with a force of 120N a distance of 2meters in 10seconds. Find power.PE = mgh PE= 23,520 joulesFind the potential energy of an object with a mass of 120 kg sitting on top of a 20 m hill.KE = 1/2 x m x v^2 KE= 115,200 joulesWhat is the kinetic energy of a 576 kg car traveling at 20 m/s.Sound WaveA longitudinal wave caused by vibrations and travels through a medium.DiffractionA change in the direction of a wave when the wave finds an opening.InterferenceThe combination of two or more waves of the same frequency.RefractionThe bending of a wave (light) between two mediums.ReflectionThe bouncing back of a wave off another object.Mechanical WaveA wave that requires a medium to travel.Longitudinal WaveA wave in which particles of the medium vibrate parallel to the wave motion.MediumA physical environment in which phenomena occur.Electromagnetic WaveA wave that consists of oscillating electric and magnetic fields (ex. light)Transverse WaveA wave in which particles of the medium vibrate perpendicular to the wave motion.HertzUnit for Frequency.FrequencyThe number of cycles or vibrations per unit of time.PhotonParticle of light.InfrasoundSlow vibrations lower than 20 Hz.UltrasoundAny sound wave with frequencies higher than 20,000 Hz.