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empirical evidence
is what people in a society agree is true
Elijah Anderson in article 14
the code of the street is actullay a culture adaptation to a profound lack of faith in the police and the judicial system
sociology is just common sense
an example of nonmaterial culture would be the types of vehicals people use to get around
according to sociologists, human behavior reflects our personal "free will"
conflict theorists see society : cooperative and harmonious
subculture is more at odds with: the dominant than counterculture
the primary characteristics of culture are:
culture is learned, cumulative, shared and ever- changing (T)
studying other socities is a good way to learn about our own way of life
the idea that reality is socially constructed means: to most people, nothing seams real at all
according to Durkheim, as division of labor becomes more specialized
individual's become more independant upon others
steve's research project is aimed at understanding the relationship between after-school employment and GPA. Steve is collecting data from students on the number of hours they work outside of school and their grade
quantitative research
one of the common criticisms of functionalists theory is that
functionalists are to focused on order and stability and fail to understand social change and inequality
which of the following theorists saw property as the foundation of all classes(as opposed to Marx's economic veiwpoint)
Max Weber
Most sociologists would agree with which of the following statements?
Nature affects human development, but nurture is more significant.
Bill is a sociologist who studies poverty. He understands that an individual's poverty status is the result of larger economic situations and unemployment rates in the local community rather than the individual's personal problem. Bill is utilizing his...
Sociological imagination
The social class, as identified by Marx, includes the majority of workers who depend on wages for survival and who make up the "working class."
____________, who coined the term sociology, is also known as the "father of sociology."
August Comte
The view that people attach subjective meanings to their actions is a hallmark of which theory?
Symbolic interactionism
Which of the following is the best definition of "sociology"?
Sociology is the systematic study of social interaction at a variety of levels.
Which of the following statements is best associated with Cooley's "looking-glass self"?
Children acquire a sense of self through their interactions with others and interpretations of how others view them.
Which of the following is not one of the key characteristics of social interaction?
Social interaction is similar across time and place.
Gender, age and ethnicity are examples of_______________.
ascribed statuses and master statuses
With more than two million prisons, the U.S. prison system employs large numbers of workers and contributes to many independent and private contracts. This is a _________ of incarceration.
Which of the following agents of socialization is the most influential?
Troy tries to balance appropriate rules with emotional support for his daughters. For example, Troy encourages his daughters to work hard and rewards their work with complements and occasional gifts. Troy's parenting style is _____________.
1) The public's attitude toward homosexuality has been moving toward greater acceptance
2) Stratification systems are either open or closed. No stratification system can be both
3) During the 20th century, U.S. society experienced profound changes in sexual attitudes and practices
4) Women and men are equally likely to be poor
5) According to Margaret Anderson, African American women are more likely than white women to reject gender stereotypes for women
6) All societies have some form of social stratification
7) While the sexual revolution increased sexual activity overall, it changed behavior among men more than among women
8) Homosexuality and heterosexuality are mutually exclusive, meaning that all people fall into one category or the other
9) Like race or social class, gender is a major component of social stratification
10) Bureaucracy places more importance on personal ties than on technical competence
11) The Williams family cannot afford to send their children to band camp. Based on this example, the Williams family is living in?
Relative Poverty
12) Which concept refers to genitals that distinguish females or males?
Primary sex characteristics
13) The majority of evidence indicates that sexual orientation is rooted in?
human biology, although social experience plays some role
14) Anna was denied service at a local bar because she is female. This is an example of?
Gretchen is conductinga research project and is interviewing respondents about their fertility history. on the first day the respondent claimed to have 3 children. the next day the same respondent claimed to only have 2 children. this is a problem with?
When a sociological researcher interviews workers about their opinions of their work conditions the researcher is engaging in what stage of research?
Culteral lag refers to the fact that______
some cultural elements change more quickly than others.
Which of the following is not a major strength of survey research?
answer: high response rates incorrect: inexpensive, anonymous, simple, fast
the following is ture regarding social research being value free.
although the topic selection may be subjective, the research must maintain objectivity when collecting, analyzing, and interpretting data.
Kevin views society as composed group competing for limited resources. patrick views society as interrelated parts.
KEvin is a conflict theory and patrick is Functionalist.
_____ is a key value to U.S. culture
Answers : equal oppurtunity, democracy, free enterprise, raracism and group superiority.
Which sociological research method is best used to study what cannot be seen?
KarlMarxx believed that the key element in understanding human history and social change is to under stand ____
class conflict
. SYmbols, Values, norms, and beliefsare examples of _____
non material culture
article 7 of george ritzer said a symbol of america consuptuism is _____
mcdonalds, walmart,credit cards
a sociological perspective encourages individuals to ______
challenge common sence myths
which of the following is not an accurate sociological statment about culture?
culture is similar across society
_____ concentrates on the relationship between individuals charateristics;_____ examines the relationships between institutional characteristics.
refers to groups of people who have differences and similarities in biological traits deemed by society to be socially significant
refers to shared cultural practices, perspectives, and distinctions that set apart one group of people from another
has to do with the inflexible and irrational attitudes and opinions held by members of one group about another
refers to behaviors directed against another group
Minority Groups
Racial and ethnic groups whose members are especially disadvantaged in a given society
Nuclear family
(traditional): mother & father and biological children
extentions outside their nuclear family
Cult of Domesticity
womenhood duties- kids and houshold
Diversity in American Families
o Latino family- family relationships take precedence over individual choice
Now the largest minority group in the U.S.
o African American families- rely on extra familial networks for support
Black children are more likely to grow up with one parent
• Factors:
1.Post-ponement of marriage
2.Out-of-wedlock births
3.Male unemployment
o Gay and lesbian families- changing socio-cultural norms, " post-modern"
o Increasing....why?
Individualism is on the rise
Romantic love fades
Women are less dependent on men
types of capital
economical, social and cultural
wrong doing in the world, illegal and punishable
ex. something that can't be hidden
ex. hiding from an STD
Types of Crime
againts person or property
Determine the guilt or innocence of the accused
Any action designed to deprive a person of things of value (including liberty) because of some offense the person is thought to have committed.
o Four goals:
Deterrence (general and specific)
doesn't gaurantee a certain effect, it's an indication that one factor might be a cause for another factor
cause and effect
a system of values or principles that guides one's behavior
a set of beliefs, traditions ans practices. passed on in society
Which of the following is not a demographic factor that might affect social mobility?
personal connections
The concept of "feminization of poverty" refers to the fact that in the United States?
women make up an increasing percentage of the poor
Ritzer's Mcdonaldization of society most aligns with which of the following major sociological perspectives?
Structural functionalism
According to the notes which of the following social classes has the largest percentage of Americans within it?
Middle class
Looking back over U. S. history we see a general trend by which women?
Have gained power and opportunities
Which of the following categories of factors that affect social mobility is characterized by the changes in the economy, changes in the number of available jobs and immigration?
The concept "bureaucracy" refers to
An organizational model rationally designed to perform tasks efficiently
A persons socioeconomic status (SES) is determined by?
All of the above
Which of the following concepts refers to stigmatizing anyone who is not heterosexual as "queer"?
The historical replacement of caste systems with class systems?
Demonstrates the progress that societies worldwide have made to reduce stratification.
Family and close friends are examples of what?
primary groups
according to Davis and Moore, a system of unequal rewards increases productivity by
all of these are correct
Nicholas was a legal secretary. He decided to continue his education and earn his law degree. Nicholas is now a criminal attorney. Nicholas has experienced _______________.
vertical mobility
Which of the following dimensions of stratification is known as the ability to carry out your will and impose it upon others?
In which of the following states is gay marriage currently not allowed?
Queer theory is a growing body of knowledge asserting that _________________________.
there is a heterosexual bias in U.S. society
If your believe that people living in central cities are likely to be poor because there are fewer jobs available in these areas, you are in agreement with _________________________.
William Julius Wilson
Which type of feminism accepts the basic organization of U.S. society, but seeks to give women same rights and opportunities as men?
liberal feminism
_____________________ is a category of work filled primarily by women.
Pink-collar jobs
Unlike income, wealth can be _____________________.
passed on to the next generation
While the U.S. economy has expanded since the late 1960's, income inequality has ________.
Which of the following is not a component of Ritzer's "McDonaldization" of society?
tephanie's parents were factory workers. Stephanie, however, earned a doctorate degree and now works in Congress. Stephanie has experienced ______________.
intergenerational mobility
The concept of gender refers to __________________________________________.
the personal traits and social positions that members of a society attach to being female or male.
Stanley Milgrim's research, in which subjects used a "shock generator", showed____________.
are surprisingly likely to follow the orders of not only real authority figures but also groups of ordinary individuals
are surprisingly likely to follow the orders of not only real authority figures but also groups of ordinary individuals
secondary group