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a heritable feature


the mating of true breeding varieties

P generation

parental generation

Michael Morin

gayest guy ever

F1 Generation

first filial generation

F2 Generation

second filial generation

dominant allele

determines an organisms appearance

recessive allele

no visible effect on the organism

law of segregation

is the separation of different racial groups in daily life, such as eating in a restaurant, drinking from a water fountain, using a washroom, attending school, going to the movies, or in the rental or purchase of a home

the real law of segregation

paired alleles separate during meiosis, each gamete gets only one allele from each pair

punnett squares

predicts the allele composition of offspring of genetic make up


pair of identical alleles


two different alleles


observable traits of an organism


genetic makeup of an organism


breeding of an organism of unknown genotype with a homozygous recessive individual to determine the unknown genotype


organism's that were heterozygous for one character


individuals heterozygous for two characters

law of independent assortment

each pair of alleles segregates independently of each other pair of alleles during gamete formation

complete dominance

when offspring always looked like one of the two parental varieties because one allele in a pair showed...

incomplete dominance

when neither allele is completely dominant


the two alleles both affect the phenotype in separate ways

Tay-Sachs Disease

an inherited disorder in humans that affects the human enzymes in the body


study of heredity


process by which traits are passed from parent to offspring

Gregor Mendel

established Mendelian genetics; founder of genetics; Augustanian monk born in chekaslovakia; looks like brian francke

Gregor Mendel

experimented with pea plants

pea plant experiment

1) each trait was studied on a different chromosome 2) peas self pollinate 3) peas grow quickly and easy to cross


used to pollinate stigma; male reproductive organ on plants


the part of a flower's carpel, which traps pollen grains.

cross pollination

male pollinates the female of a flower on a different plant


offspring display traits that are identical to the parent plant when it is self pollinated


plants that are pure for a specific trait


observable characteristics that are passed from generation to generation


organism produced by crossing parents with different traits

molecular genetics

the study of the structure and function of chromosomes and genes


unit of heredity; ordered sequence of nucleotides


different forms of a gene


how many traits did Mendel use


how many characteristics did Mendel use

lady gaga



plants with __________ traits were cross pollinated


the offspring were the F_ Generation

self pollinated

F1 plants were _____ ___________ in Mendel's experiment


the offspring of the self pollinated plants were the __ __ generation


when strains were crossed, one trait would be ____ in the F1 generation


the trait expressed in the F1 generation would "override" the other is the _______


the trait not expressed in the F1 generation but reappears in F2 generation are considered_________


Michael Morin likes _____

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