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  1. class
  2. sentinel
  3. weight
  4. successor
  5. DAG
  1. a directed acyclic graph.
  2. b an extra record at the start or end of a data structure such as a linked list, to simplify the processing.
  3. c in object-oriented programming, a description of a set of similar objects.
  4. d a number that denotes the cost of following an arc in a graph.
  5. e the next element in a linked list.

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  1. an ordering that can be guaranteed to terminate, e.g. starting at a positive integer and counting down to 0.
  2. a data structure representing a sequence of items, which are removed in the same order as they were inserted.
  3. a representation of a graph in which a boolean matrix contains a 1 at position (i,j) iff there is an arc from node i to node j.
  4. when two values to be stored in a hash table have the same hash value.
  5. describes a function that makes a new data structure but does not modify its arguments.

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  1. childin a tree, a node pointed to by a parent node.


  2. dereferencegiven two sets, the set of elements of the first set that are not members of the second set.


  3. linked lista list structure that represents a set of bindings.


  4. FIFOa pointer to the next element in a linked list.


  5. mastera program that controls a set of other programs or devices.