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  1. undirected
  2. depth-first search
  3. onto
  4. search
  5. latency
  1. a a search in which children of a node are considered (recursively) before siblings are considered.
  2. b to look through a data structure until a goal object is found.
  3. c describes a mapping in which each element of the range is the target of some element of the domain. Also, surjective.
  4. d the delay between asking for data from an I/O device and the beginning of data transfer.
  5. e describes a graph in which the arcs may be followed in either direction.

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  1. a classification of objects into a tree structure that groups related objects.
  2. A* search.
  3. describes a mapping in which each element of the domain maps to a single element of the range. Also, one-to-one.
  4. a function whose value either does not involve a recursive call, or is exactly the value of a recursive call.
  5. exclusive or.

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  1. abstract data typea tree in which the heights of subtrees are approximately equal.


  2. Boolean matrixa matrix whose elements are 0 or 1.


  3. ontologya description of the kinds of objects that exist in a computer program, e.g. a Java class hierarchy.


  4. descendantsin a tree, a node that points to a given node.


  5. radix sortan O(n*k) search algorithm where K = keylength. Stable. Sorts input into bins based on the lowest digit; then combines bins in order and sorts on the next highest digit & so forth.