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  1. weight
  2. sentinel
  3. parsing
  4. domain
  5. unparsing
  1. a an extra record at the start or end of a data structure such as a linked list, to simplify the processing.
  2. b converting an abstract syntax tree into a sentence in a language, such as a programming language.
  3. c a number that denotes the cost of following an arc in a graph.
  4. d analysis of a sentence of a language to determine the elements of the sentence and their relationship and meaning.
  5. e the set of values that are the source values of a mapping.

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  1. a way of implementing trees that uses two pointers per node but can represent an arbitrary number of children of a node.
  2. a data structure that can be identified at runtime as being a member of a class.
  3. the delay between asking for data from an I/O device and the beginning of data transfer.
  4. describes a graph with no cycles (circular paths).
  5. a description of the kinds of objects that exist in a computer program, e.g. a Java class hierarchy.

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  1. reference typea type in which variables of that type are pointers to objects.


  2. bucketa circular path in a graph.


  3. quick sortO(n*log(n)) search algorithm; in-place, not stable. Picks a pivot, reorders so lesser objects are in front of pivot, recursively sorting sub-lists of lesser and sub-lists of greater values.


  4. XMLto process a set of items using a specified function; another term for reduce.


  5. bandwidtha sequence of steps along arcs in a graph.