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  1. adjacency matrix
  2. symbol table
  3. weight
  4. Splay tree
  5. random access
  1. a a representation of a graph in which a boolean matrix contains a 1 at position (i,j) iff there is an arc from node i to node j.
  2. b a data structure that links names to information about the objects denoted by the names.
  3. c describes a data structure or device in which all accesses have the same cost, O(1).
  4. d a number that denotes the cost of following an arc in a graph.
  5. e a self-balancing binary tree that places recently accessed elements near the top of the tree for fast access.

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  1. analysis of a sentence of a language to determine the elements of the sentence and their relationship and meaning.
  2. a graph in which any node is connected to relatively few other nodes. cf. dense graph.
  3. a description of the kinds of objects that exist in a computer program, e.g. a Java class hierarchy.
  4. a description of operations on a data type that could have multiple possible implementations.
  5. a link between two nodes in a graph.

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  1. arraya link between two nodes in a graph.


  2. cyclean item (or description of items) being sought in a search.


  3. critical paththe amount of space on the runtime stack required for execution of a program.


  4. tree rotationa case where a program calls itself.


  5. adjacency listall nodes below a given node in a tree.