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  1. domain
  2. recursion
  3. reference type
  4. quadratic
  5. B-tree
  1. a the set of values that are the source values of a mapping.
  2. b a tree with a high branching factor, to minimize the number of disk accesses required to access a desired record.
  3. c name for a O(n^2) algorithm
  4. d a case where a program calls itself.
  5. e a type in which variables of that type are pointers to objects.

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  1. a data structure that implements a complete binary tree within an array, such that every parent node has a value that is less than the value of either of its children.
  2. an ordering that can be guaranteed to terminate, e.g. starting at a positive integer and counting down to 0.
  3. an O(n^2) search algorithm that's similar to the way people sort playing cards. Stable, in-place and on-line. First removes element from list, inserts it in the correct position, and repeats until finished.
  4. a condition of the input data where the data will be handled by call(s) to the same program.
  5. a program or device that operates under control of a master.

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  1. acyclica circular path in a graph.


  2. binding listan abstracted function that describes the amount of computer time or memory space required by an algorithm, as a function of problem size.


  3. scalabilitythe delay between asking for data from an I/O device and the beginning of data transfer.


  4. critical paththe amount of space on the runtime stack required for execution of a program.


  5. Splay treea self-balancing binary tree that places recently accessed elements near the top of the tree for fast access.


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