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  1. reference type
  2. interior node
  3. parsing
  4. set difference
  5. slack
  1. a analysis of a sentence of a language to determine the elements of the sentence and their relationship and meaning.
  2. b in a PERT chart or scheduling graph, the amount of time by which the time of an activity could be increased without affecting the overall completion time.
  3. c a node of a tree that has children.
  4. d a type in which variables of that type are pointers to objects.
  5. e given two sets, the set of elements of the first set that are not members of the second set.

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  1. in a hash table, the fraction of the table's capacity that is filled.
  2. in a search tree, a program that changes a state into a child state, e.g. a move in a game.
  3. a condition of the input data where the data will be handled by call(s) to the same program.
  4. a stack containing a stack frame of variable values for each active invocation of a procedure.
  5. a pointer to data.

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  1. acyclicdescribes a graph with no cycles (circular paths).


  2. stack spacethe amount of space on the runtime stack required for execution of a program.


  3. symbol tablea data structure that links names to information about the objects denoted by the names.


  4. bijectivedescribes a relation that is both injective and surjective (one-to-one and onto).


  5. surjectivedescribes a mapping in which each element of the range is the target of some element of the domain. Also, onto.