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  1. ancestors
  2. sparse array
  3. intractable
  4. randomized algorithm
  5. ontology
  1. a in a tree, the union of a node's parent and the parent's ancestors.
  2. b a problem that is so hard (typically exponential) that it cannot be solved unless the problem is small.
  3. c a description of the kinds of objects that exist in a computer program, e.g. a Java class hierarchy.
  4. d an array in which most of the elements are zero or missing.
  5. e an algorithm in which the data to be processed or the device to process it is randomly selected.

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  1. a sequence of records, where each record contains a link to the next one.
  2. a list of pairs, where each pair has a key and a value associated with the key.
  3. in a hash table, the fraction of the table's capacity that is filled.
  4. describes an arc that can only be traversed in one direction, or a graph with such arcs.
  5. a queue implemented within an array, where the first element of the array logically follows the last element.

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  1. slackin a PERT chart or scheduling graph, the amount of time by which the time of an activity could be increased without affecting the overall completion time.


  2. vertexa process that removes unwanted elements from a collection.


  3. on-linedescribes a sorting algorithm that can process items one at a time.


  4. statea description of the state of a process, such as a board game.


  5. XORdirected acyclic graph.