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  1. latency
  2. binding
  3. descendants
  4. mapping
  5. interior node
  1. a all nodes below a given node in a tree.
  2. b association of one or more elements of a Range set with each element of a Domain set.
  3. c a node of a tree that has children.
  4. d the delay between asking for data from an I/O device and the beginning of data transfer.
  5. e an association of a name with a value.

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  1. a sequence of steps along arcs in a graph.
  2. a function whose value either does not involve a recursive call, or is exactly the value of a recursive call.
  3. given two sets, the set of elements of the first set that are not members of the second set.
  4. the ability of an algorithm or hardware system to grow to handle a larger number of inputs.
  5. a representation of a graph in which each node has a list of nodes that are adjacent to it, i.e. connected to it by an arc.

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  1. pivotin Quicksort, a "center" value used in partitioning the set to be sorted.


  2. operatora node in a graph.


  3. garbagestorage that is no longer pointed to by any variable and therefore can no longer be accessed.


  4. circular queuea queue implemented within an array, where the first element of the array logically follows the last element.


  5. stabledescribes a sort algorithm in which the relative position of elements with equal keys is unchanged after sorting.