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  1. pivot
  2. link
  3. edge
  4. leaf
  5. undirected
  1. a a link or arc between nodes in a graph.
  2. b a tree node containing a contents value but with no children.
  3. c in Quicksort, a "center" value used in partitioning the set to be sorted.
  4. d describes a graph in which the arcs may be followed in either direction.
  5. e a pointer to the next element in a linked list.

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  1. a directed graph with no cycles.
  2. in a tree, a node that points to a given node.
  3. a case where a program calls itself.
  4. describes a mapping in which each element of the range is the target of some element of the domain. Also, onto.
  5. a collection, such as a linked list, of values that hash to the same value.

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  1. depth-first searcha search in which children of a node are considered (recursively) before siblings are considered.


  2. B-treea tree with a high branching factor, to minimize the number of disk accesses required to access a desired record.


  3. quadraticname for a O(n^2) algorithm


  4. pattern variablea part of a pattern that can match variable parts of an input.


  5. stack framea classification of objects into a tree structure that groups related objects.


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