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  1. Autotroph
  2. Dinoflagellates (found)
  3. Diatoms (found)
  4. Euglenoids (heterotrophic ?)
  5. Diatoms (cell wall)
  1. a glass-like; made of silica; 2 halves that fit together like a bottom and lid of a shoebox
  2. b can be if placed in a dark environment
  3. c fresh and salt water; important members of plankton
  4. d photosynthetic
  5. e salt and fresh water

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  1. stores oil so it is able to float
  2. plant-like protists; autotrophs; chloroplast; multicellular, unicellular; asexual, sexual;
  3. 2 flagella
  4. bioluminescence
  5. 1 or 2 flagellum

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  1. pigmentssomething that can bounce light


  2. Dinoflagellatesunicellular, photosynthetic protists


  3. Planktoncommunities of mocroscopic organisms that float, drift or swim near teh surface of ponds, lakes, or oceans


  4. dinowhirling


  5. Eye Spotwhirling