Mid-Term Health Science

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Public health and sanitation systems were developed by the...
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A set of principles relating to what is morally right or wrong are known as...EthnicsIf a patient is physically restrained without proper authorization or justification, this can lead to a charge of...False imprisonmentA group of inherited diseases that can lead to chronic, progressive muscle atrophy is...Muscular dystrophyThe vertebrae that are located at the wrist are...LumbarAreas where the cranial bones have joined together are...SuturesThe alternative/ complementary practitioner who believes that a life energy flows through every living person in an invisible system of meridians is a/an...Chinese medicine practitionerThe material in bones that produces red blood cells, platelets, and some white blood cells is the...Red marrowThe organ behind the stomach that produces enzymes and the hormone insulin is the...PancreasThe enzyme in the stomach that begins the chemical breakdown of fats is...LipaseThe enzyme from pancreatic juice that acts on sugars is...Amylase or amylopsinCountries of origin for European Americans include all of the following except India Germany Russia ItalyIndiaA family that consisted of a mother, father, and children is an example of a...Nuclear familyWhich of the following religions prohibits the use of blood or blood products... Episcopalianism Buddhism Jehovah's Witness IslamJehovah's WitnessThe function of bile is to...Emulsify fats and make them water solubleThe membrane that lines the medullary canal is the...EndosteumSpaces, or "soft spots," in the cranium that allow for the enlarge,net of the skull as brain growth occurs are...FontanelsWays to promote physical wellness include...Avoiding alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, drugs, and risky sexual behaviorThe first section of the large intestine is the...CecumThe individual whose studies formed the basis for psychology and psychiatry is...Sigmund FreudThe presence of gallstones in the gallbladder is...CholelithiasisThe first "test tube" baby was born in England in the...1970sThe muscle on the upper arm that extends the lower arm is the...Triceps brachiiA legal document that allows an individual to state what measures should or should not be taken to prolong life when a condition is terminal is a...Living willCountries of origin for Middle Eastern/ Arabic Americans include all the following except... China Egypt Saudi Arabia JordonChinaSalivary glands produce salivary amylase, which...Begins the chemical breakdown of proteinsIf a physician fails to use a degree of skill and learning commonly expected and the person receiving care is injured, the physician can be sued for...MalpracticeBirth control pills were first approved by the FDA in the...1960sWhich of the following kinds of muscle is voluntary Skeletal Visceral Smooth CardiacSkeletalThe polio vaccine was developed in 1952 by...Jonas SalkOn the dorsal surface of the body, floating ribs attach to...Thoracic vertebraeA side to side or lateral curvature of the spine is...ScoliosisWhich of the following is not a characteristic of culture... Culture is social in nature Culture stays the same from generation to generation Culture is shared Culture is learnedCulture stays the soma from generation to generationAll three enzymes present in the intestinal juice act on...SugarsAn example of tort is...Slapping a patientA false written statement that causes a person to be ridiculed or damages the person's reputation is known as...LibelThe circular muscle between the stomach and small intestine that keeps food in the stomach is the...Pyloric sphincterThe muscle on the upper back and neck that extends the head and moves the shoulder is the...TrapeziusA vaccination for smallpox was developed in 1796 by...Edward JennerFailure to give care that is normally expected of a person in a particular position, resulting in injury to another person is...NegligenceThe walls of the small intestine are lined with fingerlike projections are called...VilliBelievers in Christian Scientist and Hindu religions do not permit organ donation.FalseMuscles are partially contracted at all times, even when not in use.TrueThe ulna has a projection, the olecranon process, the forms the elbow.TrueOsteoporosis is a metabolic disorder caused by a hormone deficiency.TrueThe intercostal muscles are important for breathing.TrueBlood capillaries in the small intestine absorb most of the digested fats, while lacteals absorb the digested proteins.FalseRestraining an individual or restricting an individual's freedom is invasion of privacy.FalseMuscle spasms are sudden, painful, involuntary muscle contractions.TrueCulture is defined as the values, beliefs, languages, symbols, behaviors, and customs unique to a particular group of people.TrueEvery individual is prejudiced to some degree.TrueIf a muscle functions without conscious thought or control, it is called voluntary.FalseFamily members should not be allowed to care for a patient who is hospitalized.FalseAn organizational structure should indicate areas of responsibility and lead to the most efficient operation of a facility.TrueConfidential patient information must not be shared with anyone, including other members of the health care team.FalseThe Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (OBRA) of 1987 guarantees certain rights to residents in long-term care facilities.TrueDomestic abuse occurs when an intimate partner uses threatening, manipulative, aggressive, or violent behavior to maintain power and control over another person.TrueHealth care records belong to the patient since the patient is paying for care.FalseThe periosteum is necessary for bone growth, repair, and nutrition.TrueThe rectum is a storage area for indigestibles.TrueSpiritually is an organized system of beliefs determined by a specific religion.FalseEach os coxae has three regions called the ilium, ischium, and pubis.TrueMost gestures, such as nodding the head up and down for "yes," are universal and understood by individuals throughout the world.FalseA translator must be used when a contract is explained to a non-English-speaking individual.TrueReligious beliefs can determine health care beliefs.TrueA DNR order means that cardio-pulmonary resuscitation is not performed when the person stops breathing.TrueEvery effort must be made to allow an individual to express his or her beliefs, practice any religious rituals, and/ or follow a special diet.TrueModern health care advances have created some ethnically dilemmas for health care providers.TrueCulture is uniform among all members within a cultural group.FalseIn preferred provider organizations (PPOs), insured people are restricted to using specific hospitals or doctors.TrueThe last two pairs of ribs are called floating ribs because they have no attachment to the thoracic vertebrae.FalseThe clavicles provide for the attachment of the upper arm bones.FalseBone density tests lead to early detection and preventive treatment for osteomyelitis.FalseWhen muscles contract, they become longer and thinner.FalseMuscles atrophy when they are exercised to the point of pain.FalseExpressed contracts represent obligations that are understood without verbally stated terms.FalseHolistic health care promotes physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual well-being.TrueEvery individual has the right to choose the type of health care system and method of treatment he or she feels is best.TrueThe liver is the largest gland of the body.TrueEvery individual adopts beliefs and firms a pattern of behavior based on culture, ethnicity, race, life experiences, and religion.TrueDiagnostic related groups (DRGs) are one way Congress is trying to control costs for government insurance plans such as Medicare and Medicaid.TrueEvery patient has the right to choose or refuse any type of health care.TrueA health care worker must have some awareness of different religious beliefs in order to care for patients in a holistic manner.TrueManaged care is a concept that has developed in response to rising health care costs.TrueA pandemic of the bubonic plague killed 3/4 of the population of Europe and Asia in the 16th century.FalseYellow marrow is used to diagnose blood disease and is sometimes transplanted.FalseThe uvula prevents food from entering the nasopharynx during swallowing.TrueIn the stomach, food is converted into a semi-fluid material called chyme.TrueMuscles are bundles of muscle fibers held together by connective tissue.TrueFamily relations, child bearing, education, occupational choice, social interactions, religious beliefs, food preferences, and health care are all influenced by culture.TrueA dislocation occurs when a twisting action tears the ligaments at a joint.False