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notes for test 5 of intro to ATC

An aircraft threatened by serious and/or imminent danger which requires immediate assistance is considered as a/an ________ condition.


The universal emergency frequencies are _______ VHF and _______ UHF.

121.5; 243.0

Who has the final responsibility for the course of action to be followed in an emergency?


An emergency situation exists if declared by the __________.

pilot, ATC facility personnel, or aircraft operator

What is the minimum required information for handling an emergency?

Aircraft identification and type, nature of the emergency, and pilot's desires

Which facility is responsible for receiving and relaying all pertinent EL T signal information to the appropriate authorities?


The pilot of an aircraft which has been hijacked can be expected to squawk Code _______.


What does code 7600 mean?

Radio Failure

What does code 7700 mean?


An interagency agreement that provides for the effective utilization of all available facilities during search and rescue missions is called a(n) ________.

National Search and Rescue Plan

The Rescue Coordination Center is operated by the __________.


Communications search for overdue aircraft, under the SAR plan, is the primary responsibility of the _________.


An aircraft on an IFR flight plan that is estimated over the Will Rogers VORTAC at 2015 has failed to report. This aircraft is considered overdue at _______.


When a VFR aircraft becomes overdue, who initiates the INREQ message?


The ALNOT search area is generally described as __________.

50 miles either side of the route of flight from the last reported position to destination

The transfer of search responsibility to RCC is done __________.

when the ALNOT search has been completed with negative results

An aircraft on a VFR flight plan is considered overdue when it fails to arrive _______ minutes after its ETA and communications or location cannot be established.


"At 1600 UTC, a reliable source reports that an aircraft not on a flight plan was due to arrive at its destination at 1500 UTC, but has failed to arrive. This aircraft is considered overdue at _________."


A pilot requesting Lake Reporting Service will report every 10 minutes. Search and rescue must be initiated if no report is received in _____ minutes.


Consider an IFR aircraft overdue and take appropriate action when ________.

any of the above

The terminology for stating the frequency 121.5 would be __________.

"One two one point fife"

A Mach speed of .8 is spoken as _______.

"Mach point eight"

What is the call sign for a civil aircraft with the President aboard?


Jet route 35 would be spoken as ________.


An action to transfer radar identification of an aircraft from one controller to another when the aircraft will enter the receiving controller's airspace and radio communication is transferred is a ________.


What is the action whereby the responsibility lor separation 01 an aircraft is transferred from one controller to another?

Transfer of control

Who is responsible for initiating coordination and obtaining approval for an aircraft to cross an active runway?

Ground controller

VV61783 and VV16783 (similar call signs) are both on frequency. To transmit a message to VV61783, you would state _________.

"Navy Six One Seven Eight Tree"

The terminology for stating an altimeter of 28.72 is _________.

"Altimeter two eight seven two"

The surface wind is from 170 degrees at 20 knots. This would be stated as ________.

"Wind one seven zero at two zero"

The physical or automated action to transfer identification of an aircraft from one controller to another if the aircraft will or may enter the airspace of another controller, but radio communications will NOT be transferred, is called a _________.

point out

A controller monitors assigned radio frequencies _________.


During which step in the relief process does the relieving specialist check, verify, and update the position information obtained?

Review the position

When stating flight levels, an aircraft at 28,000 feet would be said to be at an altitude of ________.


Runway 31C would be spoken as __________.


The phraseology for contacting Columbia Automated Flight Service Station would be ____________.


The first priority during coordination or during the transfer of information is _________.


List, in order, the four steps in the position relief process.

1.) Preview the position. 2.) Verbal briefing 3.) Aussumption of position responsibility 4.) Review the position

What needs to be added to the letter "S" when hand-printed?

A horizontal line below the letter

The letters "OTP" on a strip stand for ________.

VFR conditions-on-top

What symbol indicates that an aircraft's clearance is void if not airborne by a specific time?


What symbol should be used to delete any unwanted or unused altitude information?


Flight progress strips are used for _________.

posting current data on air traffic

Flight progress strips are considered _______ documents.


On all terminal strips, Block 5 is used for what purpose?

Beacon code

For terminal arrival strips, altitude information is found in which block?


On a terminal strip, in which block is the aircraft identification located?


On a terminal strip, which block contains the estimated time of arrival over a coordination fix?


How is a terminal strip marked to indicate that the aircraft has an emergency?

Red "E"

Flight progress strips are either printed out on special printers or they may be __________.

hand printed

Which item is always included in a clearance?

Aircraft identification

The purpose of an ATC clearance is to _________.

prevent collision between known aircraft

The pilot-in-command of an aircraft shall comply with all provisions of an ATC clearance unless an amended clearance has been obtained, an emergency exists or __________.

responding to a TCAS resolution advisory

A controller shall use the prefix phrases "ATC CLEARS," "ATC ADVISES," or "ATC REQUESTS" at the time that a clearance, advisory, or request is relayed __________.

through a non-ATC facility

What is the correct sequence for the following clearance?

1.) Aircraft ID 2.) Clearnce limit 3.) Departure procedure or DP/FMSP 4.) Route of flight 5.) Altitidue data in order flown 6.) Mach number, if applicable 7.) Holding instructions 8.) Any special instructions 9.) Frequency and becon code info

The term "ATC CLEARS" should be included in clearances relayed through a/an __________.


The type of clearance that provides for intermediate stops while en route is a/an _________ clearance.


An authorization for a pilot to conduct flight at any altitude from the minimum IFR altitude up to and including the altitude specified in the clearance is a/an ________ Clearance.


Which of the following clearances is correct?

D. "November six seven x-ray, turn twenty degrees left, when able proceed direct Bartlesville V-O-R, climb and maintain one two thousand."

What are the two classifications of emergencies?

Distress and Emergency

Who can declare an emergency for an aircraft?

Pilot, ATC personnel, owner/operator

Which ELT system allows for the quickest response to an alert?

406 MHz

The minimum information required for handling an emergency is________.

aircraft identification and type, nature of the emergency, and pilot's desires

If an aircraft declares an emergency while you are working it on your frequency, you should normally ________.

leave the aircraft on your frequency

When a bomb threat has been received involving an aircraft you are working, you should inform the pilot of the threat and ____________.

comply with any pilot requests

The exclusive transponder code for hijacked aircraft is ____________.


A provision for the effective utilization of all available facilities for search and rescue missions is called a ________.

National Search and Rescue Plan

An operation to retrieve persons in distress, provide for their initial medical or other needs and deliver them to a place of safety defines a/an ________.


Which facility has initial search and rescue responsibility for aircraft on a VFR flight plan?


Which facility has search and rescue responsibility for aircraft on a Special VFR clearance?


Which air force base is responsible for search and rescue coordination for the inland region of the conterminous states?

Tyndall AFB

What steps are taken when a facility having jurisdiction over a search area receives an ALNOT?

conducts a comms search of airports in area, notices appropriate ATCT facilities, request search assistance from aircraft traversiing a search area

When is an aircraft on an IFR flight plan considered overdue?

When neither communications nor radar can be established and 30 min have passed since: a) eta over a specified or compulsory reporting point or at a clearance limit, b) clearance void time

The terminal strip has three different designations. They are:

Departure, Arrival, Approach

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