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Arabian Sea
Arabia, a northwestern arm of the Indian Ocean between India and Arabia
Bering Sea
part of the North Pacific between Alaska and Siberia
Black Sea
a sea between Europe and Asia
Caribbean Sea
an arm of the Atlantic Ocean between North and South America
Caspian Sea
a large saltwater lake between Iran and Russia fed by the Volga River
Coral Sea
an arm of the South Pacific northeast of Australia
Gulf of Mexico
an arm of the Atlantic south of the United States and east of Mexico
Hudson Bay
an inland sea in northern Canada
Mediterranean Sea
the largest inland sea, A large, almost landlocked arm of the Atlantic Ocean touching Europe, Asia, and Africa
North Sea
an arm of the North Atlantic between the British Isles and Scandinavia
Red Sea
a long arm of the Indian Ocean between northeast Africa and Arabia
a large mountain system in south-central Europe
a mountain range in South America running 5000 miles along the Pacific coast
a mountain range in the eastern United States extending from Quebec to the Gulf of Mexico
Atlas Mountains
a mountain range in northern Africa between the Mediterranean and the Sahara Desert
the mountain range in Caucasia between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea that forms part of the traditional border between Europe and Asia
a mountain range extending 1500 miles on the border between India and Tibet
a chain of mountains between France and Spain
Rocky Mountains
the chief mountain range of western North America
Ural Mountains
a mountain range in western Russia extending from the arctic to the Caspian Sea
Amazon River
a major South American river
Colorado River
a river in southwestern United States
Columbia River
a North American river, forms border between 2 nw states, flows into Pacific, swallows Snake River, Explored by L&C, finishs Oregon Trail, silt deposit problem
a major African river (one of the world's longest)
the 2nd longest European river
Darling River
an Australian river
lower of two main rivers in ancient Mesopotamia (now modern Iraq, and eastern Turkey)
a river in India that flows into the Bay of Bengal; in Hinduism, it is known as a sacred river
The river in China that is 2,900 miles long
a river in Pakistan that flows into the Arabian Sea
a Canadian river
an Asian river
American river
Missouri River
A tributary of the Mississippi River; located centrally, it begins in Montana and ends at St. Louis, Missouri.
an African river
River in Egypt; gave life to the Egyptian desert; Biannual flooding; longest river in the world (Over 4000 Mi. long) Had cataracts or rapids; provided fertile soil
a major river of western Siberia
Ohio River
a river that is formed in western Pennsylvania and flows westward to become a tributary of the Mississippi River
Parana River
a river in central south america and one of its three major ribver systems, originating in the highlands of southern brazil traveling about 3,000 miles south and west.
a major European river carrying more traffic than any other river in the world
a major French river
St.Lawrence River
forms part of the northeastern border with Canada and connects the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean
the longest river in England
top of the two main rivers in Mesopotamia (now modern Iraq).
Uraguay River
Starts Below Uraguay and ends up Just North of Uraguay
River in Russia
a North American river
Tropic of Capricorn
22 1/2 degrees south
Tropic of Cancer
22 1/2 degrees north
0 degrees latitude
Prime Meridian
0 degrees longitude
Arctic Circle
66 1/2 degrees north
Antarctic Circle
66 1/2 degrees south
International Date Line
180 degrees longitude
Two lands near arctic circle
Aleutian Islands
Islands off of Alaska
Bering Strait
Water between Alaska and Russia
Hudson Bay
a large (1.23 million km²), relatively shallow body of water in northeastern Canada.
Connecticut River
a river in the northeastern United States
Cumberland River
River in Tennessee
Hudson River
a New York river
Potomac River
a river in the east central United States (west virginia to Maryland)
Red River
a tributary of the Mississippi River that flows eastward from Texas along the southern boundary of Oklahoma and through Louisiana
Rio Grande
river that forms the border between Texas and Mexico
Snake River
a tributary of the Columbia River that rises in Wyoming and flows westward
Tennessee River
An important River that runs through East and MIddle Tennessee.
Great lakes
Huron, ontario, michigan, erie, superior
Chesapeake Bay
a large inlet of the North Atlantic between Virginia and Maryland
Great Salt Lake
a shallow body of salt water in northwestern Utah
Gulf of Mexico
Lake Champlain
a lake in northeastern New York, northwestern Vermont and southern Quebec
Puget Sound
an inlet of the North Pacific in northwestern Washington State
Lake Okeechobee
a lake in southeast Florida north of the Everglades
Cape Cod
a Massachusetts peninsula south of Boston extending into the Atlantic
Long Island
A long island off New York
Mt. St. Helens
Washington state
Mt. McKinley (Denali)
located in Alaska, it is the highest mountain peak in North America with a summit of 20,320 feet. Also called Denali (the great one).
Brooks Range
is located in alaska it is a mountain range
an area of low mountains in northwestern Arkansas and southeastern Missouri and northeastern Oklahoma
a mountain range in northeastern New York State
Black Hills
mountains in western South Dakota and northeastern Wyoming
Rocky Mountains
Sierra Nevada
a mountain range in eastern California
a mountain range in the northwestern United States extending through Washington and Oregon and northern California
Grand Canyon
the enormous gorge of the Colorado River in northern Arizona
Niagara Falls
a city in western New York State at the falls of the Niagara river
Washington DC.
the capital of the United States