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Grammar Week 14


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Consistent Verb Tense
Verbs have different forms to show when an action happens which is call the tense or time of a verb. Past, present, and future are the most common tenses. Writing makes sense to the reader when a consistent tense is used throughout a piece of writing.
Past Tense Verb
An action that happened in the past.
-Example: Cici wrote a personal narrative about her immigration from Cuba.
The verb wrote is in the past tense.
Present Tense Verb
An action that is happening now or happens regularly.
-Example: Cici writes every day in her journal.
The verb writes is in the present tense.
Future Tense Verb
An action that will happen in the future.
-Example: Cici will write a poem soon to submit to a magazine.
The verb phrase will write is in the future tense.