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New Netherland

What colony did King Charles give his brother?

His Brother

After England captured the colony of New Netherland, whom did King Charles give the colony to?


The proprietors of New York and New Jersey allowed whom to take part in government?

William Penn

Who wanted a colony where all Christians could live in peace?


The city of Philadelphia was in which colony?

Penn's woods

What does the word Pennsylvania mean?


Ben Franklin was the most famous citizen of which city?

Ben Franklin

Whom was Philadelphia's most famous citizen?

Ben Franklin

Whom invented the following items: odometer, battery, and bifocals?

odometer, battery, and bifocals

Name three items that Ben Franklin invented.

Ben Franklin

Whom started the library, fire department and hospital in Philadelphia?

library, fire department and hospital

Ben Franklin started which institutions in Philadelphia?

A mix of people from different nations

In the 1600's, where did the population of the Middle Colonies come from?

They were farmers.

What job did many families have in the Middle Colonies?


Did the colony proprietors tell the colonists what to produce?

Wheat and furs

Name two things that the Middle Colonies sent to Great Britain.

Great Britain

Where did the Middle Colonies send wheat and fur?

Wheat, corn and barley

What grains contributed to the Middle Colonies' nickname of "The Breadbasket"?

The Breadbasket

What nickname did the Middle Colonies earn by growing wheat, corn and barley?


What was the first English Colony?


Which colony became the first to create an elected legislature?


What were representatives in the Virginia legislature called?


How many more Southern Colonies were created by England after Virginia?


Which colony did Calvert want to be a refuge for Catholics?


Who wanted Maryland to be a refuge for Catholics?

King Charles II

Who wanted to start the colony of Carolina as a buffer between Virginia and the Spanish/French colonies?


Which colony did King Charles II want to create as a buffer between Virginia and the Spanish/French colonies?

James Oglethorpe

Who wanted to start the colony of Georgia as a refuge for poor people and debtors?


Which colony did James Oglethorpe want to start as a refuge for poor people and debtors?


What was the economy of the Southern Colonies based on?

Backcountry farmers

What job did most colonists have in the Southern Colonies?

Rice and indigo

What were the main crops of South Carolina and Georgia?

South Carolina and Georgia

Which two colonies had main crops of rice and indigo?

To repay a debt

Why did King Charles give Penn a piece of land?


Who did King Charles give a piece of land to repay a debt?

Religious tolerance

What did the proprietors of the Middle Colonies believe in?


What did the many young people who lived in the cities of the Middle Colonies become?


What did the proprietors of the New York and New Jersey want to make?


What industry was growing in New England?

Roger Williams

Who from the colony of Rhode Island wanted to keep government separate from the church?

Government and church

What did Roger Williams want to keep separate?

William Penn

Who gave Pennsylvania colonists a representative government?

Charles Town

What port was important to the Southern Colonies because tobacco, rice and indigo were exported there?

Tobacco, rice and indigo

What was exported from Southern Colonies through the port of Charles Town?


Define Proprietor


Define Representative


Define Treaty


Define Free Market Economy


Define Spiritual


Define Free Enterprise


Define Artisan


Define Laborer


Define Apprentice


Define Plantation


Define Legislature


Define Refuge


Define Debtor


Define Indigo


Define Overseer


Compare life on a plantation to life on a small farm.


Describe enslaved Africans' lives, work and culture.

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