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repetition of consonant sounds at the beginning of words in a line of poetry


repetition of vowel sounds followed by different consonants in a line of poetry


words whose pronunciation is the sound they describe


a comparison of two unlike things using like or as


a direct comparison of two unlike things


when a non-human thing is given human characteristics


a reference in one piece of literature to religion, history, mythology, etc.


language that appeals to one of the five sentences


a group of lines in a poem


the emotional quality of a poem or other piece of writing


the particular words a poet chooses


the person speaking in a poem, not to be confused with the poet


extreme exaggeration

lyric poem

poetry that does not tell a story but is aimed only expressing a speaker's emotions or thoughts


song that tells a story


two opposite words put together


the rhythm in a line of poetry

rhyme scheme

the pattern of rhyme of the ends of lines in a poem

internal rhyme

rhyme within one line of poetry, end rhymes


is the breaking of a syntactic unit (a phrase, clause, or sentence) by the end of a line or between two verses, it is to be concentrated with end-stopping, where each linguistic unit corresponds with a single line, and caesura, in which the linguistic unit ends mid-line

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