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Modern European History Midterm

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-Plague wiped out 1/10 of population (pg 174 in "Roman Empire Fall" document in mail)
-Economic struggles because of a Labor shortage
-Military recruiting was difficult because there was NO ONE there
-Bad economy
-Taxes were becoming too strenuous on the citizens, so their money was being taken away (they could not spend more money for the one was making money)
-Because people died from the plague and money was not being made so they couldn't pay for the military and food and basic needs for Rome
-Roman currency lost its value and inflation (see d) was becoming an issue.
-Invasions, plague and Civil wars
-Tax base and labor shortage caused jobs to become hereditary
-Decline in trade and small industry (bad for economy...see point 4)
-Needed more men to fight in the army (military)
-Lacking mean caused the state to hire Germans to fight but they did not understand the traditions as well as having little to no loyalty to either the empire of the emperors
-Lack of army made Rome more vulnerable to attacks and invasions (the GERMANS::::Vandals, Visigoths and Huns invaded)
-Decline in trade and small industry and the economy.
-Without trade and small industry- they lacked food, farming, and resources.
-Crops were being destroyed because of invasions (lack of food).
-Rome could not create a workable political system.
-Christianity had a large effect on Rome
-Military values were becoming mixed because the religion did not love everything that the military did (rebellion from within the military)