10 terms

AT chpt10 quiz

Which of the following signs is not present during the inflammatory response phase?
All of the following are pain sources EXCEPT:
The process of ingesting microorganisms, other cells, or foreign particles commonly performed by monocytes is called:
When leukocytes line up along the wall of the blood vessel it is called:
Substances that are produced by the hypothalamus and cause profound analgesia in the entire body are called:
Which of the following has the best capacity for regeneration?
A wound with smooth edges will heal with minimal scarring due to:
Primary Intention
During the inflammatory response phase there is a period of followed by .
Vasoconstriction, vasodilation
Avascular necrosis is a condition commonly found in the in which there is a(n) .
Hip, poor blood supply
If there is poor blood supply to a fractured area and a portion of the bone does not heal, this is called:
Avascular necrosis