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  1. 1485-1603
  2. geneva bible
  3. former honor present humiliation
  4. middle class lutheran
  5. the lord's prayer and apostle's creed
  1. a what two things does cramner recite before his death?
  2. b what were foxe's social class and religion?
  3. c ridley's clothing represented their _____ _____, while latimer's represented their _______ ________
  4. d what was written during queen mary's reign?
  5. e when was the tudor period?

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  1. what did More's Dialogue Concerning Heresies and Matters of Religion say was evil and harmful to the catholic church and society?
  2. biblical example dr. smith used to prove that dying for a belief is not as important as the belief
  3. what book did foxe write?
  4. the two spanish friars who tried to change cramner's mind
  5. what book did thomas cramner write?

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  1. Edward VIwho was henry's strong protestant son? church of england became protestant under his rule


  2. shipsidewho was ridley's brother-in-law who brought him provisions?


  3. acts and monuments/book of martyrsMore: accused of ______, sentenced to _______, considered a _______ by the catholic church, and made a _______


  4. to keep england from turning back from the scriptures to spiritual bondagetyndale's nickname


  5. minister lutheranfoxe was trained as a _______ but had to leave the school because he was too _________