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  1. foxe
  2. latimer and ridley
  3. more
  4. Edward VI
  5. elizabeth I
  1. a queen mary's cousin, under whose rule england returned to protestantism
  2. b fanatical persecutor of protestants; defender of catholicism
  3. c the two men imprisoned by mary I and burned at the stake together
  4. d who was henry's strong protestant son? church of england became protestant under his rule
  5. e protestant who fled queen mary and england because of persecution

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  1. bought all of tyndale's new testaments before they could be distributed
  2. the bishop of london who ordained foxe as a deacon and eventually ended up in his book of martyrs
  3. in A Dialogue Concerning Heresies and Matters, More said that reading tyndale's and luther's writings caused people to cast off what 3 things?
  4. why did henry VIII want to break away from the catholic church?
  5. gave the sermon before cramner's death

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  1. thomas morewho was a great humanist of the tudor period?


  2. lutherdebated with tyndale


  3. humphrey monmouthtyndale's patron - wealthy merchant and financed tyndale's translation of the bible


  4. tyndalebought all of tyndale's new testaments before they could be distributed


  5. middle class wycliffe lollards2 reasons the protestant reformation took hold in england:
    1. there was a rise of the ______ ______
    2. ________ sent out the _______ to spread the gospel