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  1. lord chancellor
  2. utopia
  3. the book of common prayer
  4. rising sun of the reformation
  5. more
  1. a what book did thomas cramner write?
  2. b tyndale's nickname
  3. c More was one of the most powerful men in england because he was the ______ ________ under henry VIII
  4. d fanatical persecutor of protestants; defender of catholicism
  5. e More's serious fantasy about a traveler to a new world

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  1. what did a humanist study?
  2. debated with tyndale
  3. tyndale's strength as a translator
  4. tyndale's writing style: ______, ________ language. he was a ______ writer, using scripture and logic
  5. who broke england away from the control of rome and the catholic church by starting the anglican church?

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  1. packingtonthe name of the textile merchant who convince tunstall to buy tyndale's new testaments


  2. treason death martyr saintMore: accused of ______, sentenced to _______, considered a _______ by the catholic church, and made a _______


  3. common peoplethe people latimer influenced


  4. cramnerprotestant who fled queen mary and england because of persecution


  5. dr. colecatholic, who previously recanted catholicism, who ironically delivered the sermon before ridley and latimer's burning