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  1. dr. cole
  2. Jesus' blood
  3. england's ruler cannot be a catholic or be married to one
  4. father foxe
  5. tyndale
  1. a who translated the new testament into english from the original greek text?
  2. b because he became a famous preacher, what nickname was given to foxe by queen elizabeth?
  3. c tyndale's "holy candle"
  4. d gave the sermon before cramner's death
  5. e a lasting result of foxe's book of martyrs

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  1. the people latimer influenced
  2. who did henry VIII appoint to become the archbishop of canterbury?
  3. latimer: former bishop of _____, influential ______, former _______ of edward VI
  4. foxe's work/goal
  5. the people radley influenced

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  1. former honor present humiliationtyndale's nickname


  2. treason death martyr saintwhat book did foxe write?


  3. elizabeth Iwhat did a humanist study?


  4. middle class lutheranfoxe was trained as a _______ but had to leave the school because he was too _________


  5. bishop gown woolen frockridley was dressed in his _____ _______, while latimer was dressed in a ______ ________