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  1. dr. smith
  2. he wanted to divorce catherine but the catholic church wouldn't allow divorce
  3. cramner
  4. prayer, fasting, godly virtues
  5. tyndale
  1. a in A Dialogue Concerning Heresies and Matters, More said that reading tyndale's and luther's writings caused people to cast off what 3 things?
  2. b responsible for the first complete new testament translation from original greek
  3. c catholic, who previously recanted catholicism, who ironically delivered the sermon before ridley and latimer's burning
  4. d why did henry VIII want to break away from the catholic church?
  5. e pressured to recant for 3 years and gave in

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  1. what does More do when henry VIII wants to divorce catherine?
  2. foxe's book he wrote while on the continent, aiming to "make england protestant forever" (both titles)
  3. the two spanish friars who tried to change cramner's mind
  4. More's serious fantasy about a traveler to a new world
  5. foxe was trained as a _______ but had to leave the school because he was too _________

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  1. former honor present humiliationridley's clothing represented their _____ _____, while latimer's represented their _______ ________


  2. worchester, preacher, chaplainMore: accused of ______, sentenced to _______, considered a _______ by the catholic church, and made a _______


  3. plain energetic persuasivewhat did foxe refuse to wear?


  4. cramnerwho did henry VIII appoint to become the archbishop of canterbury?


  5. latimer and ridleythe two men imprisoned by mary I and burned at the stake together


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