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  1. packington
  2. treason death martyr saint
  3. the lord's prayer and apostle's creed
  4. priestly robes
  5. john and richard
  1. a the name of the textile merchant who convince tunstall to buy tyndale's new testaments
  2. b More: accused of ______, sentenced to _______, considered a _______ by the catholic church, and made a _______
  3. c what did foxe refuse to wear?
  4. d what two things does cramner recite before his death?
  5. e the two spanish friars who tried to change cramner's mind

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  1. foxe's two concerns while living on the continent
  2. what does More do when henry VIII wants to divorce catherine?
  3. tyndale's writing style: ______, ________ language. he was a ______ writer, using scripture and logic
  4. tyndale's nickname
  5. responsible for the first complete new testament translation from original greek

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  1. minister lutheranfoxe was trained as a _______ but had to leave the school because he was too _________


  2. shipsidewho was ridley's brother-in-law who brought him provisions?


  3. queen marybought all of tyndale's new testaments before they could be distributed


  4. bishop gown woolen frockridley was dressed in his _____ _______, while latimer was dressed in a ______ ________


  5. middle class wycliffe lollardswhat were foxe's social class and religion?


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