12 terms

RSG ch 1

Vocab list from prologue and chapter 1 of Red Scarf Girl
Chairman Mao
national leader of Communist revolution; dictator of China for 25 years
Young Pioneers
group of loyal young Communists
a tryout for a performing arts role
student chairman; like our Leadership Council
political background investigation
a check into someone's past and associations, like a CIA/NSA investigation
class status
socioeconomic status; social background of family
a group of performing artists such as dancers or actors
Charlie Chaplin
American silent film star and physical comedian of 20th century, known for pantomime and satirical humor
ancient Greek mathematician
setting of novel; family's home city; largest city in present-day China
French window
large floor-to-ceiling door with windows that opens onto a balcony or patio
Jiang's salon
a group or meeting place of artists of like mind; from French salon, word literally means "a room"; beauty salon (not saloon, a drinking establishment, although derived from same word)