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What article of constitution establishes the executive branch?
Article 2
-35 years old
-Must be a ntural born citizen
-must be a resident of us for atleast 14 years
POTUS's main strategies
1) party leadership
2) mobilizing publication
3) administering executive agencies
It's in the constitution
Is "commander in chief" a formal power?
Yes, it's in the constitution
22nd amendment
Establishes president term limits (limits them to 2 terms)
25th amendment
Establishes the removal of the president and he procedure taken in order to fill his spot. //•Allows vice president to serve as acting president if president is disabled
•Illness is decided by president, by vice president and cabinet, or by two-thirds vote of Congress
•The new vice president must be confirmed by a majority vote of both houses
What helped to contribute to the legitimacy of the office of president during the years of the first president?
Men active in independence and founding politics; minimal activism
Rule of propinquity
power is wielded by people who are in the room when a decision is made
Expertise in foreign policy, disliked personal confrontation, tried to centralize power in white house
Presidential vs parliamentary systems
Presidents: may be outsiders; have no guaranteed majority in the legislator
Prime ministers: always insiders, chosen by the members of the majority party in parliament; always have a majority
Electoral college
Winner take all system; if no candidate won majority, the house would decide the election
What is the greatest source of presidential power?
Lies in politics & public opinion; persuasion; mobilizing public
Presidential coattails...
Have had a declining effect for years
Popularity trends throughout presidents term(s)
Tend to decline
Andrew Jackson''s use of the veto power was conspicuous because
He used it more than any other president before him
Greatest source of presidential power is found in...
Politics and public opinion
Which organization structure run the risk of isolating or misinforming the president?
Which organizational structure leads itself to confusion and conflict
Elimination of the electoral college might have the effect of...
Encouraging third parties
There is a noticeable decline in the number of ____ by recent presidents
Cabinet meetings called
Why are there less cabinet meetings called today?
White House office is more loyal to the president where as a secretary is not as loyal because their loyalty is divided.
The personal popularity of the president affects which of the following most directly?
How congress treats presidential legislative proposals
Once in office a president can expect to see his popularity...
Decline over time
What percentage of over 2500 presidential vetoes have been overridden
In a parliamentary system the minister is chosen by...
Pyramid structure
Most assistants report through hierarchy to chief of staff, who then reports to the president
(Used by most presidents -Eisenhower, Clinton)
Advantage of pyramid structure
Very organized; efficient
Disadvantage of pyramid structure
Misinformation throw isolationism
Most presidents rely on the ____ structure
Circular model
Cabinet secretaries and assistants report directly to the president
(Carter in his earlier administration)
Advantage of circular model
A lot of info coming through
Disadvantage of circular model
Less organized
Ad hoc structure
Task forces, committees, and informal groups, deal directly with president
(Clinton in his early administration)
Government has increased in size because...
Population of the country has increased
The cabinet
Presidential control over departments remain uncertain-secretaries become advocates for their departments
Expertise in foreign policy; disliked personal confrontation; tried to centralize power in White House; had a deep suspicion of the media(didn't trust)
Relied on persuasion in face to face encounters
Set policy priorities and then gave staff wide latitude; leader of public opinion
Good communicator; pursued liberal/centrist policies
Vice President presides over the ____ and votes in case of ____
Senate; tie
House impeached, Senate removes
What was Harry Truman's comment on the power of the presidency
Powers of president appear greater on outside than they are from the inside
(The president isn't the most powerful person, they can't control congress)
What has every president tried to do upon taking office over Herbert Hoover?
Reorganize the white house
What does it mean when we say a powerful presidency has been "Institutionalized"?
Power is no longer dependent on personality (approval ratings)
Main reason the presidents cabinet is weak enity
Secretaries become advocates for their departments (longer they are there they become less loyal to president and more loyal to their bureaucracy
US v. nixon
Nixon was forced to hand over the
disputed tapes
Presidents job is to unify the nation
Division leads to them not getting re elected
Who succeeds the president?
Vice President, then speaker of the house
Ford pardoned Nixon which meant
He couldn't be prosecuted under federal law for any crime he could have committed in office
How much does the president make?
400,000$ year
Relationship between White House staff and department heads..
Can be characterized by tension and rivalry
Why didn't Clinton survive his impeachment trial
-Nation was at peace
-Economy was strong
-Public disliked his private behavior but did not think it amounted to impeachment
Necessary consequence of representative government (republic)
True unified government
When the same ideological wing of the same party is in control of both branches of government