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  1. fractious
  2. presumptuous
  3. infinitesimal
  4. debauchery
  5. pastoral
  1. a inclined to make trouble; unruly.
  2. b Immeasurably or incalculably minute.
  3. c Extreme indulgence in sensual pleacorroboratesures; dissipation.
  4. d Of or relating to shepherds or herders
  5. e Going beyond what is right or proper; excessively forward.

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  1. A deceptive stratagem or device
  2. Questionable collaboration; secret partnership
  3. Given to excessive and often trivial or rambling talk; tiresomely talkative.
  4. lacking energy or vitality
  5. Disposed to fight; pugnacious

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  1. obstinateStubbornly adhering to an attitude, opinion, or course of action; obdurate.


  2. superciliousFeeling or showing haughty disdain.


  3. countenanceAppearance, especially the expression of the face


  4. vehementHaving or emitting fragrance; aromatic


  5. portentousHappening by accident or chance