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What do Illustrators do

Key points
what do illustrators do
tell stories with pictures
story the two illustrators decided to illustrate
ja ck and the Beanstalk
first illustrators
decide which scenes in the story they want to illustrate
dummy is...
a model of the book, shape and sizes the book will be
each page of the dummy has
sketches of the pictures, often rough scribbles on tracing paper
as they are sketing
illustrators decide how things would look: the characters, their cloths and the setting
use their imagination or do some research
illustrators are also...
authors, they change their story as they work on the sketches
one did the following:
made Jack look like him in fourth grade, living in a small country cottage surrounded by a palm
another did the following:
about Jacqueline, living in the her building an dthe beanstalk would grow in the roof
each illustrator
has a different problem and usually more than one way to solve the problem
need someone else to model for them
each illustrator
has a different style of drawing, as every person has a different handwriting
when illustrators finish their dummy
they show them to the editor and designer at the publishing company, editor decides wheater the pictures tell the story and designer makes suggestions abou the design of the book, choosing typface for the words an the cover
draw different kinds of lines and textures with different kinds of tools, they can color their illustrations with paint, pasterls, pencils or crayons
choose their paper they want to use to finish their illustrations, a papers are good for different
often do the cover of the book last, cover tells a lot about the story: what is it about? does it look interesting
cover is...
a clue to how the illustrator will tell the story, would the covers want to make you read the book?