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Count of Monte Cristo Characters

Edmond Dantes
first mate of Pharaon; sent to jail jail for treason;seeks revenge on Danglars, Fernand, and Villefort;goes under aliases of Abbe Busoni, Sindbad the Sailor, Lord Wilmore, and the Count of Monte Cristo
Edmond Dantes' fiance; marries Fernand while Dantes is in jail
Louis Dantes
Dantes' father; starves to death while dantes is in jail
innkeeper; becomes criminal; blackmails and is killed by Benedetto
Baron Danglars
decides to frame Dantes for treason; he is wealthy until Monte Cristo takes revenge and he loses everything
Monsieur de Villefort
public prosecutor who sends Dantes to jail; has affair with Madame Danglars; goes insane when Monte Cristo allows almost his whole family to be killed
Abbe Faria
the priest who Dantes meets in prison; reveals Spada family treasure to Edmond
Dantes's steward; has vendetta against Villefort; stepfather of Benedetto
daughter of Ali Pasha; sold to slavery after her father is betrayed by Fernand and murdered; Dantes purchases her and falls in love with her
Monte Cristo's mute Nubian slave
Albert de Morcerf
son of Fernand and Mercedes; abandons his father with Mercedes
Madame Danglars
Baron's wife; involved in a never ending string of love affairs which bring her husband to financial ruin
Madame de Villefort
public prosecutor's wife; poisons Monsieur and Madame de Saint Meran, Barrois, and Valentine; later kills herself and Edouard
public prosecutor's daughter; in love with Maximilien;poisoned by her stepmother
son of Dantes' former employer; in love with Valentine
Eugenie Danglars
Baron's daughter; on her wedding night she leaves for Italy with her piano teacher, Louise d'Armilly
Franz d'Epinay
friend of Albert's; meets the count in Rome during carnival; arranged to marry Valentine
Lucien Debray
French minister of the interior's secretary; sneaks government secrets to his lover, Madame Danglars
well known journalist; Albert's good friend
he is a baron; friend of Albert; Maximilien saves his life
Doctor d'Avrigny
doctor treating Villefort family
Monsieur Noirtier
public prosecutor's father; formerly a high-ranking Bonapartist; becomes paralyzed after suffering an apoplectic stroke
illegitimate son of Villefort and Madame Danglars; raised by Bertuccio and his sister-in-law; goes by the name Andrea Cavalcanti in one of Dantes' revenge schemes