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Mr. Turner AP US Government Courts Test

Flashcards about the Constitutional Court, Court Makeup, and US Court Levels
District Courts
First level of the federal court system.
US Court of Appeals
Ask for a new trial if you don't agree with the district court.
US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
If you don't agree with the Court of Appeals you can then go here...
US Court of International Trade
Business would go to trial for illegal trade issues.
Keeps the records and docket.
Court Reporter
Writes down everything that is said in the courtroom.
Moderator that makes sure the Constitution is being followed.
The accused.
The accuser.
Maintains order.
Grand Jury
Decides if there is enough evidence to go on trial.
Petit Jury
12 person committee that decides guilty or not guilty.
Original Jurisdiction
Where the trial starts.
Appellate Jurisdiction
If either side does not agree with the verdict, you can state a cause for a new trial.
Exclusive Jurisdiction
Only court that can hear the case.
Concurrent Jurisdiction
More than one court can hear the case.
US Court of Federal Claims
Sue the US government.
Territorial Courts
US territories can file grievances against the U.S. government.
Courts of DC
Established for the Capital and the court system.
US Tax Court
Go on trial for tax issues.
Appeals for the Armed Forces
Military personnel may appeal a military court ruling.
Appeals for Veterans Claims
Veterans can file grievances against the United States government for benefits.
Federal Court Level
Supreme or Superior Courts, Inferior Courts.
Federal: Inferior
Constitutional and Special.
State Court Level
From local traffic courts to state supreme courts.