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  1. Colonial Revival also called
  2. also called "Norman" or "Lombard" style
  3. Islamic revival motifs
  4. Egyptian Revival motifs
  5. Classical Eclecticism also called
  1. a Romanesque revival
  2. b horse-shoe arches, trellises, paisleys, calligraphy, onion domes, peacocks, minarets, carnations
  3. c batter walls, scarabs, heiroglyphs, deities, sphinxes, pharoahs
  4. d Beaux-Arts Style
  5. e Early American

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  1. Someone incapable of appreciating taste and beauty
  2. General Grant style

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  1. Louis Comfort Tiffany


  2. Area of the U.S. that spurred preservation movementsLiving room


  3. paisley


  4. noblesse obligebelief that the rich have a responsibility to educate the public with regard to art and taste by opening thier homes or donating collections to museums.


  5. the Parlor during arts and crafts movementsEastlake furniture style