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  1. Pueblo Revival
  2. Stick style architecture
  3. Person whose theories and practice MOST influenced the Arts and Crafts movements
  4. Colonial Revival also called
  5. ottoman
  1. a
  2. b
  3. c Early American
  4. d
  5. e William Morris

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  1. belief that the rich have a responsibility to educate the public with regard to art and taste by opening thier homes or donating collections to museums.
  2. end tables and coffeee table
  3. kitchens or baths
  4. Eastlake furniture style

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  1. Mansard roof


  2. John Henry Belter


  3. Painted Ladys


  4. Area of the U.S. that spurred preservation movementsLiving room


  5. Louis Comfort Tiffany