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1. no benefit, it only hurts

2. it encourages others to retaliate with their own negative faultfinding

3. many times we judge someone before the facts are known by others and than it may be to late to restore the misjudged persons reputation

4. we have faults of our own weather we are aware of them or not which may be more obvious.
why shouldn't we judge using harsh negative destructive criticism?
what mistake did peter make?
he thought highly of the two men of God rather than thinking highly of God himself
there is nothing wrong with judgement as long as we meet the person you feel is wrong


will help you remember these things
1. your judgement / criticism should be Between you and the person you feel is wrong

2. your judgement / criticism is honestly meant to Help not hurt

3. make sure that you are also dealing with Your own weaknesses and not acting like you alone are faultless
what two things did God the Father do to help peter and the others realize the primary importance of the Lord Jesus.
Jesus enveloped them in a cloud and said this is my beloved son, in whom i am well pleased
where did the transfiguration take place?
mount hermon
how do we know Jesus actually died
1. testimony of those who buried him
2. testimony of the roman soldiers
3. testimony of the Parasees and Saducees
how many verses does the NT refer to the death of Christ
why did God cause Jesus' apperance to change?
to show the disciples that Jesus was God even though he ussually appeared to them as normal man
how many books of the NT is the death of Christ referred to
what did Jesus, Eligah, and Moses talk about at mount hermon transfiguration?
the coming death of Jesus
how many times did Jesus predict his own death?
19 times
because peter was astonished at the presence of the man, what did he suggest building?
3 small booths out of branches / leaves to contiue the celebration
why is the death of Christ so important
it is so important because it was the price that had to be payed to free us from our sins
who was the only one whose presence Peter should have wanted to celebrate?
Jesus' presence
how do we know that Jesus actually rose from the dead

10 witnesses
1. testimony of the angel at the tomb
2. testimony of the soldiers at the tomb
3. of at least 10 eye witnesses
4. testimony of millions who a have died for Jesus
5. testimony of changed lives
6. your own personal testimony
who apperaed on the Mount of Tranfiguration?
moses and Elijah appeared
why is the resurrection is so important
1. if Christ is not risen , we are still in our sin and going to hell

2. it is the final proof that Jesus is God

3. a dead man can't empower, lead or pray for you BUT Christ does all these things because he is risen from the dead
(the answer is ok)
remember: you need to know the chart
4 things that lead to a proper relationship to God
1. spiritual poverty
2. spiritual hunger
3. meekness
4. mourning
ability to submit inellegently, humbly and willingly to authority
what will a person do when he sees he has nothing to offer God spiritually?
he will turn to Christ
what two things will happen the closer a person walks with God
he will be more aware of his own sin
he will be more ready to seek God's forgiveness
what is the greatest evidence of a persons salvation
the ever growing desire to know God better
what are the three things that lead to a proper relationship to God
1. mercy
2. purity
3. peacemaking
treating others better than they deserve
what does PEACE mean to a Jew
having the very best life possibe
uses of salt
adds flavor
what lesson do we learn about the influence of believers when Jesus compares us to salt
the world is like a dead rotting body. sin is the germ that causes the body to rot. our influence will hope fully keep sin from continuing to spread
General information about light
1. Only effective when it can be seen
2. If visible, no amount of darkness can keep it from being seen. The greater the darkness, the brighter the light
What are the uses of light
Shows you where to go and makes it easy to see
Who were the scribes
Told what the law meant
What were the Pharisees dedicated to
Keeping their own law
What did the Sadducees believe
Only what they could see
What was the purpose of the law
To show how sinful we are
What does taking an oath to prove your honesty suggest about you
You are not usually honest
Instead of hating the people who are your enemies which would include any who speak or act against you what three things should you do?
One. Speak well of them
Two. Treat them with kindness's
Three. Pray for them
Three reasons Why you should speak well of your enemies pray for them and treat them with kindness?
One. God loves his enemies he sends rain and sunshine for the saved and the unsaved
Two if the only people you treat kindly are your friends and family you are no different than the unsaved
three. God rewards those who love their enemies
Prayer is not just something else you do because you're a Christian -
It is the most important thing you will do as a Christian
Don't you spray so people
Think you are a good Christian
When playing, don't say words -
Just to say words
Only be concerned with whether
God hears you and not other people
What is a hypocrite
Someone who acts like someone they are not
What are the three steps of a model prayer in order
One. Thank God for something he's done
Two. Pray for the needs of others
Three. Pray for your own needs
What were the two reasons for why does better idea to start treasure in heaven then instead of earth
Material wealth is not permanent
What do you value most tends to control you
What kind of judgment does Jesus commands us not to do
Harsh negative distructive criticism
Physical birth
When Jesus was teaching about spiritual birth to Nicodemus what did Nicodemus assume Jesus was talking about it first
What did Jesus used to illustrate the meaning of salvation
The bronze serpent Moes this made in the wilderness
What are some of the truth about the new birth can we learn from Jesus's conversation with Nicodemus
1. just knowing about God isn't enough
2. faith in Christ is what brings spiritual birth
3. people are sinners by nature and prove they deserve judgement by their evil words / deeds
This describes life without God and the people in rebellion to God
What does Jesus mean when he says that Christians are to be separate from the world
It means not to be involved in the evil of the world
How can a Christian remain pure and holy in this world
Read and obey the Bible
Why doesn't God just take Christians out of the world once they are safe so they won't be
We have to teach others about Christ
What are five reasons why we shouldn't worry about things like food and clothing
1. life consists of more than food and clothes for the body

2. God takes care of animals as insignificant as birds. he will certainly take care of us

3. worrying about life's necessities will not solve the problem anyway

4. if God bothers to make a field beautiful, he will certainly supply clothes for you

5. if you worry about the necessities of life, you act like the unsaved who have no heavenly father