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  1. Dislocation
  2. Scolosis
  3. 1st Degree Burn
  4. Rickets
  5. Osteosarcoma
  1. a Irregular (lateral) curvature of the spinal column
  2. b Also known as a luxation; an injury that occurs when a bone is displaced from a joint in the body (usually resulting in the tearing of various ligaments/tendons that are associated with the joint)
  3. c Nutritional disorder that results in a deficiency of Vitamin D
  4. d Bone cancer, usually found in the long bones of the body
  5. e Slight injury to the epidermis (usually sunburn) associated with redness of the skin

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  1. Disorder in which a person cannot digest the protein gluten in foods (found in carbs such as breads & pasta) that causes an inability to absorb nutrients
  2. Condition that develops when cholesterol and bile salts form small deposits within the gall bladder
  3. Genetic disorder that causes abnormal connective tissue development (weakness in the tissues of the bones, eyes, muscles). Patients will also have a longer wingspan than height, and abnormally long fingers
  4. Disorder of the skeletal system in which the sutures of the skull fuse together too quickly in young children, causing difficulty for the brain to grow
  5. Bone disorder, usually associated with aging, that causes the body's bones to begin thinning and easily fracture

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  1. 3rd Degree BurnExtensive injury to the skin in which the epidermis, dermis and part/all of the hypodermis, as well the accessory organs of the skin, are severely damaged


  2. VitiligoSkin disorder in which the melanocytes are no longer functional, and can no longer produce pigment.


  3. CellulitisDigestive system disorder that includes acute pain in the RIGHT iliac region, as often accompanied by fever, naseau, and other infection-type symptoms


  4. FOP (Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva)Disorder of the muscle tissue and associated joints


  5. Bedsores (Decubitis)Condition caused by the constant deficienty of blood to tissues over a bony projection that has been subjected to prolonged pressure (such as a bed, cast, or splint)


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