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  1. 3rd Degree Burn
  2. Cleft Palate
  3. Impetigo
  4. Diabetes
  5. Basal Cell Carcinoma
  1. a Highly contagious bacterial skin infection, that usually affects exposed areas such as the face/skin around the nose
  2. b Tumors that arise from the epidermis (basal layer) and rarely spread
  3. c Extensive injury to the skin in which the epidermis, dermis and part/all of the hypodermis, as well the accessory organs of the skin, are severely damaged
  4. d Disorder involving irregular levels of blood sugar (usually from dysfunctional cells in the pancreas that have difficulty producing or releasing insulin)
  5. e Condition that occurs when the bones of the maxilla do not fuse properly during fetal development, leading to facial defomities of the upper lip region

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  1. Injury that occurs with a forcible twisting motion of a joint, usually stretching or rupturing the ligaments that support it (classified as 1st, 2nd, or 3rd degree)
  2. Inflammation of the sebaceous glands of the sking
  3. Bacterial infection carried by deer ticks that causes a bull's-eye shaped rash, joint inflammation, and can lead to neurological conditions (Bell's Palsy)
  4. Irregular (lateral) curvature of the spinal column
  5. Disorder that involves a low iron count in the bloodstream, which leads to difficulty in transporting oxygen

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  1. MelanomaDisorder that involves a low iron count in the bloodstream, which leads to difficulty in transporting oxygen


  2. 2nd Degree BurnInjury of the skin that includes both the epidermis and part/all of the dermis; usually associated with blistering


  3. OsteoporosisPrecursor condition to osteoporosis; it consists of a lower than normal bone density, but not quite low enough to be classified as osteoporosis


  4. OsteosarcomaBone cancer, usually found in the long bones of the body


  5. GoutCondition that develops as a result of sodium urate crystals that accumulate in the blood; usually common in the foot/big toe