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James Madison

Father of the Constitution

Weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation

1) Each state regardless of size had one vote 2) No executive branch or national court system 3) cannot regulate commerce (trade), collect taxes or force states to help national government

Northwest Ordinance of 1787

-set standard for growth of rest to country - once territory reached 60,000 oeioke ciykd becine a state - outlawed slavery - guaranteed citizens freedom of religion, trial by jury and public education



Constitutional Convention

1) 12 states participated 2)Rhode Island did not participate 3) George Washington elected President 4) Worked on new constitution

Founding Fathers

George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, George Mason, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams

Shay's Rebellion

Jon Shay organized 1500 men and attacked government storehouse of ammunition

Virginia Plan

-2-house legislature (bicameral) -Representation in Congress based upon population - supported by larger states

New Jersey Plan

- 1-house legislature (unicameral) - equal representation in Congress - supported by smaller states who feared losing power in federal gov't

The Great Compromise

-2-house legislature (bicameral) - equal representation in the upper house of Congress (senate) - representation in the lower house of Congress (House of Representatives) to be proportional to population

Three-Fifths Compromise

ruled three-fifths state's slave population counted for both representation and taxation

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