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  1. Gettysburg
  2. thaddeus stevens
  3. Shiloh
  4. Grant
  5. Sherman
  1. a new commander of union army
  2. b turning point of the war
  3. c attempt to seize the Mississippi
  4. d known for his march to the sea
  5. e radical rep of penn

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  1. woman who helped win battle of bull run
  2. war would be long and bloody, jackson gained nickname, both sided neeed train troops
  3. union controlled Mississippi and cut the south in half
  4. C plans wrapped in cigars but McClellan too slow to act
  5. attack by south in Gettysburg

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  1. matthew brandymost famous civil war photographers, from ny


  2. johnson planold commander of union army


  3. Fredricksburgworst u defeat, hill


  4. Monitor vs. Marrimacknaval b/w iron clad ships


  5. mary walkerwhere the war started