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  1. Elmer Ellsworth
  2. scalawags
  3. Gettysburg
  4. plessy vs. ferguson
  5. McClellan
  1. a old commander of union army
  2. b segregation legal if facilities are equal
  3. c white southerners who liked rep
  4. d first union soldier killed in the war and from ny
  5. e turning point of the war

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  1. naval b/w iron clad ships
  2. pres because hes a war war hero
  3. worst u defeat, hill
  4. attack by south in Gettysburg
  5. C plans wrapped in cigars but McClellan too slow to act

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  1. 13th ammendmentfreed blacks


  2. Dorothea Dixsuperintendend of nurses in union army


  3. william sewardwhite southerners who liked rep


  4. 15th ammendmentgave blacks the right to vote


  5. Chancellorsvilleradical rep of mass