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  1. Fredricksburg
  2. belle boyd
  3. scalawags
  4. Chancellorsville
  5. Rutherford HAyes
  1. a Confederates one, but lost Jackson
  2. b becomes pres because he agrees to end reconstruction, removed troops from south
  3. c white southerners who liked rep
  4. d women spy in the war
  5. e worst u defeat, hill

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  1. radical rep of penn
  2. required voters to read and explain constituition
  3. goverment agency to help ex slaves
  4. the right to be charge or have a hearing before being jailed
  5. founed american red cross

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  1. Fort Sumterradical rep of mass


  2. abner doubledayshot the first union shot of the war


  3. Elmer Ellsworthfirst union soldier killed in the war and from ny


  4. Vicksburgunion controlled Mississippi and cut the south in half


  5. Ulysses s grantnew commander of union army


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