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  1. habeas corpus
  2. Rose ONeil Greenhow
  3. mary walker
  4. Rutherford HAyes
  5. adrew johnson
  1. a the right to be charge or have a hearing before being jailed
  2. b become pres after lincoln died
  3. c woman who helped win battle of bull run
  4. d becomes pres because he agrees to end reconstruction, removed troops from south
  5. e one of the only woman ever top receive the medal of honor

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  1. pres because hes a war war hero
  2. turning point of the war
  3. first union soldier killed in the war and from ny
  4. naval b/w iron clad ships
  5. required voters to read and explain constituition

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  1. Dorothea Dixsuperintendend of nurses in union army


  2. grandfather clausesmost famous civil war photographers, from ny


  3. wade davis planeach state must ratify 13th am


  4. plessy vs. fergusonsegregation legal if facilities are equal


  5. clara bartonfouned american red cross


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