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  1. scalawags
  2. 13th ammendment
  3. Fredricksburg
  4. charles sumner
  5. grandfather clauses
  1. a freed blacks
  2. b voters father/grandfather was elgible voter, no literacy test
  3. c white southerners who liked rep
  4. d radical rep of mass
  5. e worst u defeat, hill

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  1. old commander of union army
  2. naval b/w iron clad ships
  3. first union soldier killed in the war and from ny
  4. required voters to pay
  5. pres because hes a war war hero

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  1. Shermanattempt to seize the Mississippi


  2. Antietamrequired voters to pay


  3. Shilohknown for his march to the sea


  4. wade davis planeach state must ratify 13th am


  5. freedmens bureaugoverment agency to help ex slaves