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  1. Gettysburg
  2. charles sumner
  3. Rutherford HAyes
  4. mary walker
  5. Antietam
  1. a radical rep of mass
  2. b C plans wrapped in cigars but McClellan too slow to act
  3. c one of the only woman ever top receive the medal of honor
  4. d becomes pres because he agrees to end reconstruction, removed troops from south
  5. e turning point of the war

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  1. union controlled Mississippi and cut the south in half
  2. worst u defeat, hill
  3. most famous civil war photographers, from ny
  4. attack by south in Gettysburg
  5. woman who helped win battle of bull run

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  1. Elmer Ellsworthfirst union soldier killed in the war and from ny


  2. ten percent planlincolns plan, too new to south


  3. wade davis planlincoln refuses cuz too harsh, no former cs could vote or hold office and majority of whites had to swear loyalty to union


  4. freedmens bureaugoverment agency to help ex slaves


  5. 15th ammendmentfreed blacks