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  1. literacy tests
  2. william seward
  3. 15th ammendment
  4. habeas corpus
  5. scalawags
  1. a gave blacks the right to vote
  2. b the right to be charge or have a hearing before being jailed
  3. c white southerners who liked rep
  4. d lincolns secretary of state and from ny
  5. e required voters to read and explain constituition

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  1. shot the first union shot of the war
  2. old commander of union army
  3. lincolns plan, too new to south
  4. attack by south in Gettysburg
  5. Confederates one, but lost Jackson

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  1. charles sumnerwhere the war started


  2. poll taxrequired voters to pay


  3. AntietamC plans wrapped in cigars but McClellan too slow to act


  4. adrew johnsonbecome pres after lincoln died


  5. thaddeus stevensradical rep of mass