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  1. scalawags
  2. Antietam
  3. McClellan
  4. Bull Run
  5. Grant
  1. a white southerners who liked rep
  2. b old commander of union army
  3. c C plans wrapped in cigars but McClellan too slow to act
  4. d war would be long and bloody, jackson gained nickname, both sided neeed train troops
  5. e new commander of union army

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  1. each state must ratify 13th am
  2. lincoln refuses cuz too harsh, no former cs could vote or hold office and majority of whites had to swear loyalty to union
  3. required voters to read and explain constituition
  4. where the war started
  5. superintendend of nurses in union army

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  1. 15th ammendmentgave blacks the right to vote


  2. Vicksburgworst u defeat, hill


  3. plessy vs. fergusonsegregation legal if facilities are equal


  4. Ulysses s grantpres because hes a war war hero


  5. Shilohknown for his march to the sea