HHC Assessment (Ghandi/India)

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1921Homespun movement - to avoid British textiles and make their own clothing.Mahatma"Great soul"Bapu"Father"Gandhi-jiRespect for GandhiJinnahMember of both Muslim League and Indian National Congress. Originally fought alongside Gandhi and Nehru for Hindu-Muslim unity. Eventually advocated for separate Muslim nation of Pakistan ; fueled by fear that Hindu majority would oppress muslim minority. Founder and first leader of Pakistan. Educated in USA; secular MUSLIM, worked to create secular, democratic socialist nationNehruWorked with Jinnah and Gandhi in Indian National Congress. First Prime Minister of India. Educated in USA; secular HINDU, worked to create secular; democratic socialist nation.Indira GandhiNehru's daughter. Believed in democratic socialism & neutrality in foreign affairs, like her dad. Instituted socialist reforms to combat poverty (nationalized banks, provided loans to peasants, gave land to landless, & gave the right to vote to the poor). Sikhs in Punjab region demand autonomy from India; Indira Gandhi attacks them at Amritsar temple; 1984 massacre. Indira Gandhi assassinated by her Sikh bodyguards shortly afterIndira Gandhi enforced _____________________, which was not popular. This caused corruption and authoritarian tactics => lost election 1975, but back in power again 2 yrs later.sterilization to combat overpopulationBJPBharatiya Janata Party = Hindu nationalists, militant, new in 1990's, rising in #'s today.Current day issues in IndiaThe Hellish Poodles Overtook Polly's Green Umbrella Overcoat, Giving Many Hopes - Terrorism Hindu-Muslim tension Poverty Overpopulation Pollution Green revolution Urbanization Obesity Growing gap between rich & poor Materialism High female mortality rate