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Subdivisions of Anatomy

Microscopic Anatomy
Structures not visible to the unaided eye. 2 divisions - 1.Cytology 2.Histology
Macroscopic (Gross) Anatomy
Structures studied with the unaided eye. 8 Divisions - 1.Developmental Anatomy 2.Embryology 3.Pathologic Anatomy 4.Radiography 5.Regional Anatomy 6.Systemic Anatomy 7.Surface Anatomy 8.Surgical Anatomy
Study of cells
Study of tissues
Developmental Anatomy
Studies changes in structure from conception through maturity
Studies changes up to birth
Pathologic Anatomy
Studies changes due to disease; study of abnormal structures
Radiographic Anatomy
Study of body using various imaging techniques such as x-rays
Regional Anatomy
Approach used in medical school - eg/ studies all structures associated with the hand or neck
Systemic Anatomy
Approach used in introductory courses; studies the body system by system
Surface Anatomy
Study of surface form (morphology) or structures of the exterior body
Surgical Anatomy
Studies anatomical structures, landmarks, etc, useful to surgeons before surgery