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In contrast to traditional logistics, supply chain management tends to emphasize:
Channel-wide cost efficiencies.
To learn about channel members' logistics service demands, a channel manager can find all of the following methods helpful except:
Board of directors feedback.
All of the following are components of a logistics system except:
_________ is often considered the most complex component of the logistics system.
In the food industry, the process of seeking to provide consumers with better service and more value through cooperation in the supply chain is usually referred to as:
Efficient consumer response.
Firms that specialize in performing most or all of the logistical tasks which manufacturers or other channel members would normally perform themselves are often referred to as:
Third party logistics providers
The particular logistics service standards desired by channel members:
Vary widely for different channel members.
The key elements of customer service described by LaLonde include all of the following except:
Packaging options available.
In order to provide quick and efficient order processing, W. W. Grainger Inc.,
Has developed a satellite communications system linking distributors and customers.
Which of the following statements regarding packaging is false?
Packing does not affect the order processing component
Which of the following is not characteristic of a supply chain management approach to logistics management?
Independent effort to manage inventory
Supply chain management refers to
Logistical systems that emphasize close cooperation and comprehensive interorganizational management.
Which of the following would not typically be considered a decision associated with warehousing?
The manager and staff
The Great Physical Distribution Management Paradox rule indicates that for any given distribution strategy that is carefully thought out, accepted, implemented, and maintained, it:
Will be inappropriate in five years.
The time between when an order is placed and when it is received is known as:
Order cycle time.
Which of the following is not usually recommended as a broad-based appeal to be used for convincing channel members of the value of a proposed logistics program?
The increase in the channel members' sales that a good logistics program can virtually guarantee
The systems approach to logistics:
Notes the interrelationships among the logistics processes.
Which of the following would not normally be considered as a logistics service standard?
Liberal returns and allowances
The growth of "eaches" and "onesie" transactions is being fostered by the growth of:
The Internet.
Research shows that conducting surveys to uncover channel members' satisfaction with the firm's logistics system can be opening a Pandora's box because:1
Channel member satisfaction decreases if the manufacturer takes no action to remedy reported deficiencies.
The process when products are moved from the arriving truck and immediately loaded onto other trucks for delivery to stores is called:
Susan Baime works for Judge Manufacturing, Inc. and is in charge of the placement and movement of products within Judge's storage areas. Susan works in:
Materials handling.
The services by which logistics performance is measured are known as:
Service standards.
Average ordering costs tend to decrease in rough proportion to the:
Size of the order.
Which of the following is not an issue to consider in deciding on a mode of transportation?
What mode is the least expensive?
The point where inventory carrying costs plus ordering costs are lowest is called the:
Economic order quantity.
In defining logistics service standards, the channel manager can use survey research to find out all of the following except:
What goals and objectives are appropriate for the firm and channel members
EDI systems can perform all of the following except:
Send notices that the payment is late
Inventory carrying costs consist of all of the following except:
Packaging costs
Recent studies of physical distribution service quality (PDSQ) have shown that ___________ significantly influences purchasing managers' perceptions of the quality of logistical service.
timeliness, availability, and condition
An approach that takes note of the various factors involved in the logistical process and the interrelationships among them is referred to as:
The systems concept.
A logistics manager seeking to minimize the cost of all logistic processes taken together, rather than reduce the cost of individual components of the logistics system, is using:
The total cost approach.
Physical logistics and distribution are considered to be __________ terms.
Which is a true statement about why Zara, the Spanish fashion apparel specialty chain, is so successful?13
Because of Zara's efficient logistics system, it can bring designs from the sketch pad to the store in two weeks.
Which of the following statements regarding packaging is true?14
The type of transportation used affects packaging costs.
An evaluation of whether a proposed logistics program meets the channel members' service standards requires that the channel manager:
Have a clear understanding of the objectives of the proposed logistics service program.
Packaging costs are typically __________ for airfreight than for truck freight.
All of the following are true statements about logistics except:
It is managed by the Vice President of Supply Chain Management.
The channel manager's role in the firm's logistics strategy:
Should be one of attempting to influence logistics strategy so as to promote channel member cooperation.
Which of the following is not considered a logistics channel management interface?
Analyzing the costs of the logistics program
The principle of having just enough inventory on hand to meet immediate production needs with no reserve stock is called:
Just-in-time system
Logistics involves planning, implementing, and controlling the __________ of materials and final goods from points of origin to points of use to meet __________ at a __________.
physical flows; customers needs; profit
Supply chain management refers to:
Logistical systems that emphasize close cooperation and comprehensive interorganizational management.
In general, the higher the service standards the manufacturer offers:
The higher the costs.
"The right amount of the right product, in the right place, at the right time and in the right condition" is incomplete; it also is essential to consider:
The right levels of service
Average inventory carrying costs tend to rise in __________ to the level of the inventory.
direct proportion
Moving merchandise immediately from the receiving area in the warehouse directly to trucks for shipment to stores without storing the merchandise in the warehouse is referred to as:
Which of the following is a false statement about how Internet shopping will affect warehousing?
There will be a decreased need for warehouses.
Just-in-time inventory systems:
Can reduce inventory costs substantially.
According to the text, one of the most effective ways of monitoring the results experienced by channel members in the use of a logistics program is:14
To conduct a survey of a sample of channel members