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absolute location

location description using longitude and latitude


the process of breaking down as in the break down of rock by wind and water


the amount of water in the air that falls to the earth as rain or snow


lacking moisture, dry


material such as stones and sand deposited by water, wind, or glaciers


a layer of rock that holds water underground

physical features

the natural land forms and characteristics of a place

relative location

location description using place location in relation to other places


to prepare the land for planting crops


a barrier of trees and shrubs that protect against the wind and reduces erosion


contained in the same boundaries


a prolonged period of below average precipitation


land drained by a river system


a community of living things that depend on each other in order to function as a unit


traditional beliefs, myths, tales, and practices of a people


material derived from living organisms

physiographic region

land regions that were formed by similar geologic processes

primary source

something made or written by someone who was there at the time

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