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____ is a technique intruders use to make their network or Internet transmission appear legitimate to a victim computer or network.
A user of a relational database refers to a record as a ____.
As shown in the accompanying figure, to perform a warm boot, click the ____ command in the Shut down button menu
reuse and modify existing objects
Which of the following is not a utility function like the ones shown in the accompanying figure?
(controlling the keyboard;managing files;viewing images; uninstlling programs)
controlling the keyboard
A(n) ____ is an internal network that uses Internet technologies.
Which statement does not apply to the database approach?
-Programs are easier and faster to develop than with a file processing system
-it increases the data's integrity
-it allows nontechnical users to access and maintain data
-it requires less memory than file processing systems
it requires less memory than file processing systems
As shown in the accompanying figure, in large companies, users write a formal request for a new or modified information system, which is called a request for system services, or ____ request.
A ____ is a collection of data organized in a manner that allows access, retrieval, and use of that data.
Application software developed by the user or at the user's request is called ____ software
The accompanying figure lists a few of the utilities available in Windows 7; one of the utilities available in Windows 7, a personal computer ____ utility, identifies and fixes operating system problems, detects and repairs disk problems, and includes the capability of improving a computer's performance.
Apple's latest operating system version, Mac ____, is a multitasking operating system available only for computers manufactured by Apple.
os x
Project ____ is the process of planning, scheduling, and then controlling the activities during system development
A(n) ____ is an injury or disorder of the muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments, and joints
Which of the following statements is not true of file processing systems?
the records in one file relate to the records in other files
The purpose of the system ____ is to assess the feasibility of each alternative solution and then recommend the most feasible solution for the project.
a _______ filter is a program that warns or blocks you from potentially fraundulent or suspicious Web sites.
A ____ is the destructive event or prank malware is intended to deliver
A network ____, the person overseeing network operations, uses the server operating system to add and remove users, computers, and other devices to and from the network.
The accompanying figure lists a few of the utilities available in Windows 7; one of the utilities available in Windows 7, a file ____ utility, shrinks the size of a file.
23Computer ____ are the moral guidelines that govern the use of computers and information systems
Which is NOT a major activity of the planning phase, shown in the accompanying figure?
study how the current system works
A data ____ contains data about each file in the database and each field within those files
The accompanying figure lists a few of the utilities available in Windows 7; one of the utilities available in Windows 7, a disk ____ utility searches for and removes unnecessary files.
To defragment a disk means to ____.
reorganize it
A communications ____ is a transmission medium on which the data, instructions, or information travels.
.A(n) ____ line is any of several types of long-distance digital telephone lines that carry multiple signals over a single communications line.
information ____ refers to the right of individuals and companies to deny or restrict the collection and use of information about them.
A ____ is a Web application that combines services from two or more sources, creating a new application.
.A ____ is a request for specific data from the database.
One member of a project team is the ____, who manages and controls the budget and schedule of the project.
Which is NOT a major activity of detailed analysis?
prioritize the projects requests
A(n) ____ OS is an operating system that organizes and coordinates how multiple users access and share resources on a network.
Which of the following is not a scripting language?
A ____ is a connection within the data in a database.
Which of the following is not an example of a biometric device?
smart card
Bluetooth, UWB, Wi-Fi, and WiMAX communications technology use ____.
broadcast radio signals
The amount of data, instructions, or information that can travel over a communications channel sometimes is called the ____.
___ detection software automatically analyzes all network traffic, assesses system vulnerabilities, identifies any unauthorized access (intrusions), and notifies network administrators of suspicious behavior patterns or system breaches, including violations of firewalls like the ones in the accompanying figure.
A(n) ____ is a communications device that connects multiple computers or routers together and transmits data to its correct destination on the network.
___ is a query language, an example of which is shown in the accompanying figure, that allows users to manage, update, and retrieve data.
A P2P network, like the one in the accompanying figure, sometimes is called a(n) ____ network.
file sharing
__is a special formatting language that programmers use to format documents for display on the Web.
if an antivirus program cannot remove an infection, it often ____.
quarantines the infected files
A ____ is a wireless network that provides Internet connections to mobile computers and other devices
hot spot
A(n) ____ device, like the one in the accompanying figure, authenticates a person's identity by translating a personal characteristic, such as a fingerprint, into a digital code that then is compared with a digital code stored in the computer verifying a physical or behavioral characteristic.
When a company uses a ____ approach, this enables many programs and users share data.
On a ____ network like the one in the accompanying figure, all of the computers and devices on the network connect to a central device.
A database ____ decides on the proper placement of fields, defines the relationship among data, and identifies users' access privileges.
Which is the fastest type of line?
Which of the following is not an operating system function?
word processing
In a database file, like the one shown in the accompanying figure, a ____ key field uniquely identifies each record in a file.
. A ____ interface controls how you enter data and instructions and how information is displayed on the screen
A(n) ____ is a window on the screen that provides areas for entering or changing data in a database.
____ software is mass-produced, copyrighted, or prewritten software available for purchase.
. In a typical file ____ system, each department or area within an organization has its own set of files.
The core of a(n) ____ cable consists of dozens or hundreds of thin strands of glass or plastic that use light to transmit signals.
The accompanying figure lists a few of the utilities available in Windows 7; one of the utilities available in Windows 7, a(n) ____, is a utility that removes a program, as well as any associated entries in the system files.
A network ____, like the one shown in the accompanying figure, refers to the layout of the computers and devices in a communications network.
___ is a server outside a company's network that controls which communications pass into the company's network.
a proxy server
____ means the operating system automatically configures new devices as you install them
plug and play
A(n) ____ is a set of components that interact to achieve a common goal.
____, or 802.16, is a newer network standard developed by IEEE that specifies how wireless devices communicate over the air in a wide area.
As shown in the accompanying figure, an unsolicited e-mail message or newsgroup posting sent to multiple recipients or newsgroups at once is called ____.
a user of a relational database refers to a file as a __
To convert an assembly language source program into machine language, programmers use a program called a(n) ____.
___ protects a computer against viruses by identifying and removing any computer viruses found in memory, on storage media, or on incoming files.
antivirus program
___ is the collection and summarization of data and information.
As shown in the accompanying figure, a ____ controls access to the hardware, software, and other resources on the network and provides a centralized storage area for programs, data, and information.
All of the following are common ways computers become infected with malware, except ___
installing a software package form a cd
the purpose of memory ___ is to optimize the use of R
Many systems implement access controls using a two-phase process called ____.
identification and authentication
. ____ is the process of comparing data with a set of rules or values to find out if the data is correct.
. To protect themselves from software piracy, software manufacturers issue a(n) ____ agreement like the one shown in the accompanying figure, which gives users the right to use the software
A(n) ____ is a working model of the proposed system.
In the accompanying figure, a data ____ is a collection of related records stored on a storage medium such as a hard disk or optical disc
A ____ is a unique combination of characters, such as letters of the alphabet or numbers, that identifies one specific user.
user name