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  1. incantation
  2. depredate
  3. churlish
  4. plethora
  5. stygian
  1. a dark and forbidding
  2. b an overabundance; excess
  3. c boorish or vulgar
  4. d to plunder and pillage
  5. e a chant; a recited magical spell

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  1. an explanation of a text; a critical interpretation
  2. to shorten
  3. one who bears the blame for others
  4. overbearing pride; arrogance
  5. to dry out; to remove moisture

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  1. nexusfervent; fanatical


  2. putridrotten and foul smelling


  3. efficacioususing or consuming sparingly


  4. pervasivepermeating; spreading throughout


  5. prognosticatestrictly disregarding individual differences or circumstances