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  1. scullion
  2. sanctimonious
  3. tacit
  4. luminous
  5. pander
  1. a to exploit weaknesses of others; to cater to the vices of others
  2. b emitting light
  3. c indicated but not expressed; implied silently
  4. d a servant for menial tasks
  5. e showing false piety or righteousness

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  1. rejection; refusal to acknowledge
  2. fragile; easy to break
  3. unnecessarily wordy or evasive language
  4. occurring or seeming to occur everywhere; omnipresent
  5. to plunder and pillage

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  1. perspicaciouseffective; producing the desired outcome


  2. antediluvianan artist's or a designer's workshop


  3. maximindicated but not expressed; implied silently


  4. arabledeserving blame or condemnation; guilty


  5. promulgateto remove vulgar or objectionable material


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