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  1. vernacular
  2. blithe
  3. comprise
  4. gibberish
  5. polemical
  1. a to include or consist of; contain
  2. b everyday language
  3. c nonsense; unintelligible speech
  4. d carefree and lighthearted
  5. e relating to controversy or argument

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  1. indicated but not expressed; implied silently
  2. mutually destructive
  3. a release of emotional tension
  4. technical names or naming system in an art or science
  5. to disapprove angrily; to protest

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  1. orotunda robber or bandit


  2. toadya person who flatters for personal gain


  3. haughtyoverbearing pride; arrogance


  4. unimpeachableunquestionable; beyond doubt


  5. exegesisan explanation of a text; a critical interpretation