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  1. truncate
  2. camaraderie
  3. gibberish
  4. atelier
  5. sybaritic
  1. a nonsense; unintelligible speech
  2. b an artist's or a designer's workshop
  3. c marked by luxury or pleasure
  4. d rapport and goodwill
  5. e to shorten

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  1. a magic charm or superstitious object for protection or luck
  2. a difficult and embarassing situation
  3. unfriendly; hostile; injurious
  4. disrespect
  5. not allowing refusal or delay; imperative

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  1. otioseto pass off as genuine or valuable


  2. culpabledeserving blame or condemnation; guilty


  3. hortatorytending to delay or procrastinate


  4. tacitindicated but not expressed; implied silently


  5. revereto regard with respect, awe, or adoration