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  1. moratorium
  2. ubiquitous
  3. rife
  4. scullion
  5. stringent
  1. a occurring or seeming to occur everywhere; omnipresent
  2. b abundant; prevalent
  3. c restrictive; imposing demanding standards
  4. d a servant for menial tasks
  5. e a suspension of activity; an authorized delay

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  1. lazy
  2. roughness or harshness; severity
  3. a deliberately deceptive or misleading argument
  4. one who bears the blame for others
  5. to respect or revere

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  1. circumlocutionsomeone who participates in a conversation


  2. depredateto plunder and pillage


  3. vitriolicharsh in tone; bitterly critical


  4. iniquityroughness or harshness; severity


  5. lividextremely angry