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  1. coterie
  2. luminous
  3. frangible
  4. churlish
  5. servile
  1. a a small group of people who share interests and meet frequently
  2. b fragile; easy to break
  3. c emitting light
  4. d boorish or vulgar
  5. e submissive; slavish

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  1. showing dignity and often strait-laced propriety
  2. technical names or naming system in an art or science
  3. a transformation or dramatic change
  4. to overwhelm; to fill beyond capacity
  5. a person who flatters for personal gain

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  1. desiccateto plunder and pillage


  2. compriseto include or consist of; contain


  3. convolutedcomplicated; intricate


  4. hortatoryencouraging; inciting


  5. penultimatenext to last


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