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  1. maxim
  2. comprise
  3. antediluvian
  4. nexus
  5. unimpeachable
  1. a unquestionable; beyond doubt
  2. b to include or consist of; contain
  3. c extremely old; antiquated
  4. d a link, tie, or bond
  5. e an established principle; a truth or rule of conduct

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  1. a robber or bandit
  2. one who bears the blame for others
  3. to respect or revere
  4. childish; juvenile
  5. a suspension of activity; an authorized delay

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  1. largessegenerosity


  2. dulcetindicated but not expressed; implied silently


  3. culpablechildish; juvenile


  4. recriminationtravel by walking


  5. blitheany long, repetitive, or dull recital