Words I don't know: Gold First Unit 12


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to persuade someone not to do something, especially by making it seem difficult or bad
to help someone to live a healthy, useful, or active life again after they have been seriously ill or in prison
carrying weapons, especially a gun
a law that forces people to stay indoors after a particular time at night, or the time people must be indoors
prepare to do something, or having no reason to not want to do it
to change something into a different form, art to change something so that it can be used for a different purpose are in a different way
used when you are admitting that something is true
an open space that is completely or partly surrounded by buildings
a thick piece of something, especially food, that has been taken from a bigger piece
sum up
to give the main information in a report, speech etc. in a short statement at the end
severe, cruel , or unkind
an official decision made in a court of law, especially about whether someone is guilty of a crime or not
a decision in a court of law that someone is guilty of a crime, or the process of proving that someone is guilty
a piece of information that might help you to solve a crime or mystery
to say that action is illegal or not allowed
identity theft/ fraud
any crime in which someone steals personal information about and belonging to another person, for example their bank account number, of the number of their driving license, and uses this information to deceive other people and get money or goods
when someone writes or prints untrue statements about someone so that other people could have a bad opinion of them
A small building, made of wood, used especially for storing things
go off (1)
if food goes off, it becomes too bad to eat
go off (2)
to stop liking something or someone
go off (3)
If a machine or piece of equipment goes off, it stops working
go over
to search or examine something very carefully
go on (1)
to continue doing something or being in a situation
go on (2)
to happen
go ahead
to start to do something, especially after planning it or asking permission to do it
go down
if the computer goes down, it stops working for a short time
if people flock to a place, they go there in lots numbers because something interesting or exciting is happening there
to state in a court of law whether or not you are guilty of crime
an illegal action or a crime